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- breaking free -

Quick Update February 2019: I'm currently living in Leipzig. I might be able to host. Just contact me a few days in advance.

For the first time in two years I am having a home again. Now I am looking forward to host some people after I've been hosted by so many.

For last minute requests, just give me a call: (plus four nine) one six three seven five four six o six five

Trustroots: https://www.trustroots.org/profile/irie

Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • French Intermediate
  • Turkish Beginner
  • Persian Beginner

My interests


things I like: hitchhiking, riding bicycles, diving dumpsters, getting lost in unknown places, sleeping under the stars, cooking, walking without shoes, dancing all night long, maps, swimming, plants, mountains next to the sea, hoodies & shorts, understanding free/libre software systems, long breakfasts, rain, the smell of pine tree forests


Milan Kundera, George Orwell, Hermann Hesse. I'm a rather slow reader and I'm usually carrying too many books in my backpack.


The first music I really felt a connection with was hardcore punk. I used to like being yelled and screamed at all day long and to get kicked and punched on concerts. Nowadays I'm more into electronic music. Sometimes I'm still that little hardcore kid though.


I like the movies of Helge Schneider but in general I never really watched a lot of movies.

Organisations I belong to:

no real memberships, but back in Dresden I used to be involved in some projects...food cooperation, organizing concerts & bike rides, cooking, IT stuff

Travel experiences

Past trips:

here and there

Planned trips:

sail down to South America and stay there until I speak Spanish fluently
hitch around Europe without any planned itinerary


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

2-3 days to get to know each other, longer if we get along well

I Live With:

I'm currently taking a break from travelling. Not sure where exactly I'll be living but I'm sure that I'll be sharing a flat with some other people.

==== this is currently out-of-date but might become up-to-date again anytime ====
As a long-term traveller I currently do not have a place I can call 'home' and can therefore not host any guests 'inside'. Anyway, in case you are not afraid of sleeping outside in beautiful places such as remote beaches, lonely mountain tops, abandoned houses, old ruins or just in a park somewhere in the city, you are welcome to join me anytime.

Please bring:

your sleeping bag
good energy

I can offer my guests:

Nightly discussion with a tea, beer or wine.

==== this is currently out-of-date but might become up-to-date again anytime ====
We can share everything I have in my backpack (food, clothes, books, computer, camping mat, sleeping bag, blanket, etc.).

I can offer my hosts:

Basically the same as above.

I usually do some cleaning in the kitchen if I find that there is anything to do and cook at least one meal for or together with my host.

Other information for guests:

==== this is currently out-of-date but might become up-to-date again anytime ====
I am travelling with as little money as possible. Sometimes I find myself thinking about switching to a no-money-at-all policy which would give me a more unique and adventurous travelling experience but I also know that I like to spend some money from time to time. And I don't like dogmatism.

Public transport:

I'm living in a city, so public transport shouldn't be a problem.

House Rules:

You can smoke & drink as long as you do this in a responsible way and as long as you do not harm me or any other people in whatever kind of way.

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