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About me

I love music, beer, party, teaching, and travel..

i might not visit this site regularly, but just leave me a message, it'll be sent to my smart phone. #wink

Spoken languages

  • Indonesian Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Chinese (Simplified) Beginner

My interests


basketball, football, jamming session, and reading manga


manga and comics


almost every kind of music


romantic comedy, thriller, adventures, and sci-fi

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Bali island, the best 12 days of my life!
bukit tinggi, west sumatra and mentawai Island. beautiful landscape.
sabang, aceh. I missed the diving part, damn!
Siantar, lake toba and samosir island--> my bets getaway spot!

Planned trips:

phewwww.... still work on it....

Belongs to the following groups


CIA (Couch Intelligence Asia)

Anything secretive is worth it. Curiosity kills stray cats. Haha



my country!!


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

a week... more than that you are welcome to teach in my course, hahaha...

I Live With:

parents and sister... and birds

you'll have your own space at my place!!! haha

Please bring:

if it's ok, i'd like to have some bank notes from your country =D

if u don't, then just bring your smile #grin

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

+ local culinary
+ whitewater rafting (one of the roughest in the world); note: I won't do it myself cause it's too expensive and i don't want to die young, not when i haven't gone around the world, lmao.
+, a moment of sharing your personality and culture to my students [it's going to be an invaluable experience for them]
+ jamming session; in the public or just chilling out, ur call.
+ and of course nice place to stay...

I can offer my hosts:

um, my music and i can help doing chores, definitely!

Public transport:

um... motor bike or a bicycle which has survived Dutch and Japan invasion....

House Rules:
No drugs.

ok, ganja and mushroom are super fine. I don't feel good with coke or something like that, #wink.