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About me

I love... loving :) And everyday it’s for me a good lesson how to love more and more... everything and everyone :)
I’m trying to find and follow my own path based on good thoughts and feelings - love, joy, freedom, openness, understanding, giving and sharing.

Practical information for my guests and hosts: :)
- I love animals and I'm vegetarian what means that I don't eat meat and fish. Its no problem if you like to cook/eat meat at my place when you visit me :)
- I rather don't like to party (in the meaning going to nights clubs and drinking to be drunk). I prefer interesting conversations and enjoying nice places together with people.
- I don't drink much alcohol - I like a little bit of wine but I'm not drinking much beer and strong alcohols. My favourite drinks are water just from the nature, fresh fruit juices and good, warm tea during cold winter days :)

If you want to read more my references go to my cs profile: www.couchsurfing.org/people/gosiafromszczawa

Spoken languages

  • Polish Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • German Beginner
  • Spanish Beginner
  • Norwegian Beginner

My interests


People, mountains, music, canoeing, photography, nature, places with the atmosphere, natural building, houses made from clay, hamaks :)


I love them :)


Singing poetry.
Folk and etnic music typical for some regions.
Guitars and flutes.
Music created by my wonderful friends :)
Music of the nature: wind, stream, birds, ocean and in some places just silence :)
And voices of people who I love :)


My favorite movie is for sure real life :)
And from those in tv or cinema I like movies (without violence) which are inspiration for people and which make people feeling something beautiful :)

Belongs to the following groups



Live not far from Kraków


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

No limits :) Depends if we feel good with guests and if guests feel good with us :)

I Live With:

I live with my husband Jarek (www.couchsurfing.com/people/jarekfromszczawa), 2 dogs and 8 cats :)

Please bring:

Bring your smile :) (but people who are sad we host of course also) :) :) :)

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

www.szczawa.org - page about our house and the area created for our guests :)

We have for you the guestroom with 3 beds (2 single and one double), living room has 1 double bed so if there are many people we can make a second guestroom out of it. On the second floor we have big area with 4 beds (2 double and 2 single) and a lot of floor if beds are not enough. We can provide sleeping pads (karimaty), blankets, bedsheets, duvets, eiderdowns, pillows, towels etc :)
In the summer you can put up the tent outside the house if you like (well, in the winter too :D).
If for some reason you need the guestroom only for you (you are coming with a small child or you need privacy for yourself etc.), please let me know in your message, because in other case we can accomodate other guests in the room with you if we have more requests :)

I can offer my hosts:

Good company :) Cooking together, interesting conversations - depends on the person :) I'm most of the time traveling with my sleeping bag and sleeping pad so I need only a small place on the floor :)

Other information for guests:

We (I and my husband Jarek) live in the old wooden house near the river. The house is in the old local style.
There are 2 dogs and moving freely inside (and outside) the house and 8 cats staying only inside the house :) :) :)
We live in Szczawa - very beautiful, small village surrounded by the mountains. You can enjoy the countryside, go for the mountain hiking or try the local mineral water in the pump room in the center of the village. There are 3 shops with food here so you don't have to carry everything from the city :)
If we have time we can go with you for a walk around or even for longer mountain hiking.
In our area you can go for skiing (ski-lift 10km from our house) or rent a bike and make 10km one way through the great canyon of Dunajec river (25km from our house).

Last minute guests welcome! :)
Families with children welcome! :)
Musicians welcome! :)

If you want to contact me here is my number (don't hesitate to use it for last minute hosting): +48 503361997

Public transport:

The nearest bigger cities are Nowy Sącz (38 km), Szczawnica (25 km), Zakopane (70 km) and Kraków (90 km).
You can come here with a bus, car or hitch-hiking (and also more crazy ideas :) )
There are buses (average every 2 hours) coming from main bus station (RDA) in Kraków (ticket 11-16 zloty). Journey takes ab. 1,5 hour.
From Nowy Sącz there are buses (average every 1 hour, ticket 5-6 zloty). The journey takes about 1 hour.
From Zakopane you have to switch the bus.
Hitch-hiking from Kraków is quite easy (and even easier in oposite dirrection) because through Szczawa goes the shortest way from Kraków and Silesian area to Szczawnica spa so you have quite a lot of cars.

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

Cigarets are ok, but outside the house.
Alcohol is ok but not geting drunk, I'm definitely not a party-drinking person.

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