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About me

My name is Gabriel Gomez, a colombian salsa dancer living in Berlin. I see couch-surfing as an intercultural experience that makes us better humans. It helps us to learn how to socialize with diverse kinds of persons and tear down cultural barriers.

♫ I am a social guy, I like to show that Colombia is far more than the bad image seen in the news. I like to cook typical colombian food or make cocktails from latinoamerica (like Mojito, Cuba Libre or Caiprinha).

♫ I live after my principles and values: Honesty, respect and disposition for helping others. I tend to be patient and calm. I learn fast and prefer to be organized.

♫ I am a respectful surfer and valuate the trust I receive from hosts. I do my best to make the couchsurfing experience as positive as possible.

Spoken languages

  • Spanish Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • German Expert

My interests


I learn how to play gitarr and drums, I like history and am constantly learning about female psychology. That last one is even more complex than my biggest hobby and work: be a Software developer ;)

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I would like to offer a couch for visitors and meet new people in Berlin


BW10 Berlin

I live in Berlin and would like to get in touch with more surfers in the city


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

you can stay up to 3 nights

I Live With:

I live alone in my flat. Some weekends my daughter stays at home and I will not be able to host those days

Please bring:

Respect for rules, positivism and willigness to share multicultural experiences.

I can offer my guests:

* really comfortable sofa.
* Wifi Internet conection
* I life in a central area of Berlin, transport conections are perfect!

Other information for guests:

I am one of those who believe in hospitality as an intercultural experience that enriches people. I will gladly host you specially if this could be an enriching experience for both. Please make sure in your request that you´ve read my profile (like what do you think we might have a good time?). Any "copy Pasta" will be pretty much ignored.

Public transport:

very good

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

+ There is only one key (and I give it to nobody), so you would have to adapt to my schedule sometimes.
I also do not offer laundry service (sadly I´ve been asked for that previously so I clarify here)

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