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godfreyleon Godfrey Leon Richard anytime

About me

Hard to say this but my friends they keep saying I'm crazy!!

This is how peoples describe me.

I'm new in Be Welcome but I've been in Couch Surfing for 2 Years. I have hosted so many peoples around the Globe and this is why I'm now here sharing my experience of hosting.

Surfed so many countries as well.

Here is my CS profile and you can see my references


Spoken languages

  • Afrikaans Mother Tongue
  • English Expert

My interests


Out doors, Hiking, Trekking,Adventure Safaris,Beach holidays,Partying and of course Dancing.


Paul Coelho


Reggae,Rnb and Hip Hop


Drama,7 Sins and so many.

Organisations I belong to:

Community Development.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

South Africa.

Planned trips:

Europe Trip. Germany,France,Italy,Netherlands,Spain and London


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Not more than 7 Days.

I Live With:

Alone in are well African Apartment

Please bring:

Sleeping Bag.

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour.

Mattresses,Mosquito repellant and My African food.

I can offer my hosts:

Show them around and help them with any information about my Country.

Public transport:

Yes, we use Daladala. This are the van bus which we use in Tanzania as are Public Transport

House Rules:
No drugs.

Just be yourself, Clean and just to let you know, my house is your house so just make everything well arranged