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Becoming more and more bored with hosting people

Try to convince me if you want to drop at my place

If you fail I may even not give you an answer

What ?? You think its not fair ???

Well ... I just dont give a shit


I ALREADY REACHED THE LEVEL 8 ON THE "MESAGE SCALE" (8/12) and will only host People who reached at least the Level 4 . As I am the only one, yet, with my good friend Shinji (10/12) who knows what the "Mésage Scale" is, I suggest you to write me a request even if you don't know your Level ;oD and I will calculate it for you later ... then will be one more Person who knows about it ... and sure, soon we'll have this word in the dictionary !

(My english and my french profiles are quite different, try to check both if you are billingual)Hello dear friendsMy name is Pascal, and I am living in Strasbourg FranceI like to travel, to host people who travelling, I am (I WAS) active member of couchsurfing (gilgamesh67 there too), but like alternatives, and want to help bewelcome to become a strong one.I am looking forward to become an activ member of Be Welcome ... but i need you for that ... so why are you waiting to drop in my place ???Be WelcomeAnd lets build a new world together;o)

Spoken languages

  • French Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Spanish Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Dreaming Sharing Listening music, reading books, watching nice movies. Antiquities and art, culture in general. Know new things than teach me the new people I meet each day of my life.


Thousands books I love books about anthropology, and read comics late in the night with friends (lying in my hammocks of course).But I got tons of books, I think it is my favorite drug.


So much. I am very found, in love with world music, mainly african one, but arab's and asian too ... Good Rock and Roll, Reggae, and Classical. Come with yours, let's listen it together


Some, ha ha More good independant movies than commercial ones. I have got a nice collecting african movies, some are awesome, and of animation.

Organisations I belong to:

corpsurfing.org ; alias gilgamesh67
hospitalityclub.org ; alias gilgamesh67
warmshower ; alias gilgamesh67
But would be nice to contact me with BeWelcome in priority

Travel experiences

Past trips:

I like of course travelling, even if not so easy, because I working and not very flexible.I dont like so much this kind of "travelling competition", I dont mind to know each place on world or being able to say "I visited 57% of countries, thats ridiculous) but prefer to know better some places I know, and to visit some old friends I met long time ago ...I've been several times in Africa, each time in same country, and even with same people, my friends.Been in Asia too, hope to see ... my friends there again too ...

Planned trips:

Would like to know Armenia, but not seriously planed yet.Maybe will go in central Europa this year for a road trip.Dreaming about a long bicycle (staying with local people and tent) trip too (Strasbourg-Praha-Poznan would sound great to me). I am looking for some companion for it.Would like to go back in south East Asia, Cambodia, maybe Lao and Vietnam.Dreaming, as many of you maybe, to stop working for several years and leave for a long long long and slow RTW;o)


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Once I hosted 14 people ! Sometimes I am still hosting several people at same time, but i now generaly prefer to host less, to have more time to know my guest deeper.

Maximum length of stay ??? 99 years ??? Depends of you, your profile, motivation ... Send me message with your motivations, how you see the world, and if I got a VERY positive feedback maybe even you can stay for life and we will build a hippy community together, ha ha ha

I Live With:

My books, my music, my dreams, my crocodile and ... I wish with you for a few days ...

Please bring:

Bring sleeping bags would be nice, but I will understand if you dont have.

If you want to share some of my meals please bring some ingredients and help for preparing and cleaning. If you don't want thanks for having your meals outside.

Don't forget I am vegan.

Please don't bring meat eggs cheese, I don't like to store such things in my fridge.
Would you bring pork in a muslim place ?

I can offer my guests:

I can offer my guests to be my brothers an sisters.
A warm place to stay, to share dreams and build a new world together, some friendship and hugs.
A hammocking experience if you are lucky.

I can offer my hosts:

To feel as at home everywhere in the world.
I think feeling well with my hosts is the best thing I can offer them.
As a bonus I will be happy to share some food, to prepare my favorites recipes. I usualy don't go to restaurant or pubs, as I prefer to share simple all days life with my host, than going in commercial places.
I like to avoid meetings too, if I chose a host I want to know this host deeper, but not superficialy a lot of people.

Other information for guests:

I don't mind and sometimes love sharing a room with my brothers and sisters, but as long a space is availlable you can sleep where you want. Please when you send me your request, communicate about your need of privacy or expectation about confort so I can deal with it (or not).
There is several matress, hammocks and a confy couch at my place, plus some spare place on the floor
I myself love sleeping in one of my hammocks, sleeping in a hammock is great, maybe you will try it.

If we share a room I normaly don't snore but as I am vegan I am eating a lot of lentils, beans and chickpeas, and may fart during the night. At least vegetarians farts are less stinky than carnivors ones ;oDDD

Public transport:

Public transport close to my flat. I've got a spare bicycle for my guests. A second one as soon as I will be courageous enough to fix it ...

House Rules:

NO FaceBook when using my computer

NO pictures of my place, my place is still private even if I decide to share it with you for some time

NO access to my library

NO drugs and alcoohol if you cannot control yourself anymore

NO use of my kitchen without me

and NO sex without consent (and condoms) ;oDDD

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