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I would really like to set foot in Italy's 20 regions: been to Piemonte;Valle d'Aosta;Lombardia;Veneto;Liguria; Emilia-Romagna;Toscana;Umbria;Marche;Lazio;Campania;Sicilia. To go: Trentino-Alto Adige;Friuli-Venezia Giulia;Abruzzo;Molise;Puglia; Basilicata; Calabria; Sardegna.

Profession: (freelance) writer cum parttime work rat. I have some published works with a publisher in Indonesia. Updated works are here:


If all goes well, I may have my images and article published in October 2011 on National Geographic (mag).

I can play Holdem (poker), won a tournament at work, shattering hopes and dreams of 60 workmates.

Lived in Italy 2006-07, then Indonesia Jakarta, followed by Australia Sydney, now in Rome, for who knows how long.

I am a keen amateur photographer, photo walks in Rome/Lazio/Italy are of interest, if you find that interesting then we gotta catch up.

Despite my IT degree, I never worked in the industry and do not plan to pursue it. Technology helps you connect and yet at the same time isolate you, I guess that's my finding. So more people contact.

I undertook a postgraduate study at the University of Sydney, not in IT though.

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  • English Expert
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  • French Intermediate

My interests


Photography, I started a 365 project (a photo/day for a year) - I have different albums here



I am yet to learn skiing slash snowboarding.


ammaniti, andrea camilleri, romain gary, grisham


flamenco guitar, accordeon. unfortunately I have no skills in playing musical instruments

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Israel, Jordan

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