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About me

I am a forest elf, a kind of sleeping queen, living
among wild meadows in bloom ;)))
I have my own eggs, goat milk.
I make goat cheese, yoghurt (when I have enough milk).
I collect herbs and grow vegetables.
I do breed horses, goats, sheep, hens.
I enjoy nature very much.
I am carnivore.

Spoken languages

  • Polish Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Russian Intermediate
  • German Beginner

My interests


Pics, cooking, horse riding, survival, politics, freedom, nature, alternative style of living, tradition, gardening, prehistory, history, Slavic roots, true democracy - like in Poland, permaculture, DIY, hiking, blogging, doing creative projects at my farm.


Old books, historical books, SF, Bible, English books, handbooks of all kind, law codex.


Instrumental, spiritual, pop, rock, film music, ethnic, barok.


Truman show, Nell, Twean Peaks.
FILM about Poland!

Organisations I belong to:

I don't belong to, but I am declared Polish patriot and I highly value freedom and our Polish identity, tradition, democracy, which is unique. I believe, that Poland is the only one truely democratic country in Europe (and Hungary as well).

Our best world's ambassador is President Trump.
I adore him and respect. I perceive him as a noble, clever man, similar to President Kennedy.
God bless him. His great speech in Poland:


Polish Patriots adore Trump and are thankful for his words which show Polish nation in true light. Donald Trump is the first American president who knows Polish history and is able talk about it openly. It is important to us, because world opinion is flooded with evil fake news about Poland and Polish nation.

Poland is a victim of mass atack of evil world media, which show our wonderful country and people in very bad false light. Specialists from social engineering are paid to manipulate worlds opinion about nature and history of Polish people. There is a huge industry of holocaust which on purpose blames innocent Polish people for German war crimes. The aim of this evil action is to charge Poland for German war crimes. Jewish want from Polish cosmic money!
It is very not fair! Until now Germany haven't paid for the German war crimes in Poland, for Polish people death, misery, slavery, hunger, wounds, killed harmless families, destroyed buildings and properties, robbed art, money and gold etc.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Europe and Africa.

Planned trips:

Western Europe, maybe Germany or UK.

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I live at an organic farm in Poland.


Camping & outdoor

I have a meadow in bloom and vegetable garden good for natural camping :)



I travel by bike a lot :)

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

7-30 days or even longer if I am happy with your behaviour at my farm.

I Live With:

Animals, lots of animals :) Horses, sheep, goats, hens, bloody turkey, cats, dogs.
Besides a German woman is hosted here since the end of the 2016.
She learns from me about breeding and farming and helps me sometimes at the farm or in the house. I also teach her Polish language.
She loves yoga, animals, eco food, to swim in my ponds and lakes around. Even in winter! :)))

Please bring:

Sleeping bag, karimata, tent or camper, torch, rubber boots, USB cable to your mobile phone.
Smile and positive energy :)

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

Place for your camper in my huge garden, or place for your tent in my meadow, or
beds or karimata at the attic over a stable.
You may use my pots and dishes, also fire place and grill in the garden.

I can cook for you if you bring food with you :)
I can offer you my meals, from my food, if you help me at my farm or in my house :)

I can offer my hosts:

Nice talk. Help in the kitchen.

Other information for guests:

You may use stream water for washing yourself or your dishes.

Public transport:

Bus and taxi

House Rules:

Please leave the place clean.
your are not allowed enter farm buildings without my consent or take pics at the farm including pics of my animals.
I may take pics of you and send them to you via e-mail or bluetooth :)