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elspurro Garry Earl-Spurr anytime

About me

From Perth, Western Australia, finished highschool in Zurich, Switzerland, studied Philosophy and Spanish at ANU in Canberra, spent 2013 backpacking solo in South America, Central Asia, Kenya and Northern Russia. Back in the Can now finishing up uni. Looking forward to the next adventure..

Fun, unpretentious, open-mind - a collector of good stories. "Garry's a 'cool dude'" - a 'cool dude'.


2012: "fkn love philosophy - Not entirely sure about all my outlooks on life just yet. In any case - the complexity of the human mind, as well as its ability to communicate and relate to other human minds (language ftw), never ceases to impress. Also, I reckon it's always good to be careful in regarding any authority (or dogma) as valid - particularly when various authorities seek to overstep what they can justify. I reckon this entails a need to always seek to improve upon our knowledge/wisdom (and thus methods of justification of it [ignorance is only bliss until shit goes wrong and you don't know why]) by communicating with others (i'm hence quite a fan of freeing up information and education).

In short - stick it to the man; judge not lest ye be judged; dare to be wise; communicate but criticise constructively (esp if we can try agree on what 'constructively' means); do unto others....(peace, love and understanding ;)"

2015: ... add a bit more about consciousness and virtue, but 2012 me I reckon wasn't too far off

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • French Fluent
  • Spanish Fluent
  • Russian Beginner

My interests


chucking shit, breaking shit, jumping (on shit), indigenous cultures, philosophy, languages, sport, music, people, beer footy chicks, parties, sticking it to the man


Always intend to read more. I guess that what I have read recently includes: The Brothers Karamazov, The Great Game, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, A Long Walk To Freedom, Candide, Crime and Punishment, The Dreaming and other essays by W.E.H. Stanner - all of which I would highly recommend


All music ...though I guess nothing too hardcore


My favourite film is an Australian film called "The Castle" (one really needs to have spent a bit of time in Australia in order to appreciate this film)

Organisations I belong to:

still have a couchsurfing profile - this organisation seems a bit more organic and down to earth though

Travel experiences

Past trips:

I spent 2013 backpacking solo in South America, Central Asia, Kenya and Northern Russia. That was really my first ever proper solo backpacking trip. Can't wait to get out on the road again though. Apart from this, I also lived in Zurich from 17-19, and saw a bit of Europe when I was there.

Planned trips:

I have a long travel bucket list. ... including, Iran, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Ireland, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Mali, Equatorial Guineau, Central America and the Caribbean, the caucusus, Northern Europe, PNG, DRC, Japan, China, Nepal


wheelchairyes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:


I Live With:

6 other students in my unit (and about 25 more students in neighbouring flats in student housing accomodation in Canberra)

Please bring:

maybe if you have a sleeping bag - otherwise I reckon we have plenty of blankets floating around. Ohh, also maybe a small contribution to our potluck dinners if you get here on time for dinner

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

A great place to stay with about 30 down to earth students in Canberra. There's a decent chance that one of the 30 or so housemates might be able to show you around during the day (and defs a high chance we can show you the bars on any given night). Canberra's pretty easy and small tho.

I can offer my hosts:

Good chats, great fun, a vibrant personality .... probs a few beers too (if you'd like)

Public transport:

We live right in the centre of Canberra, just a couple hundred metres from Jolimont bus station, close to ANU