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About me

I am learning a lot about myself still. Most times I can be a good communicator, I enjoy meeting people and understanding them under their mask, which can make me ask some rather unusual questions. I like open, honest people, because they usually end up being the nicest company, and they help me reinforce my own nature as a human being. I enjoy music, movies and all that makes me have a new perspective on life!

Love & Light!

Spoken languages

  • Portuguese Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Spanish Fluent
  • Romanian Intermediate

My interests


Talking, listening, drawing, photographing, singing, and doing all kinds of creative endeavours, thinking cinematically is the latest development, so if you got an image storytelling soul, join in for the ride! :)


So many! I gotta sit down and think this one thoroughy!! :P


Chico Buarque for his wholeness,
Fiona Apple (for her crude honesty and beauty)
Hugh Masekela for his courage,
Lenine for his Poetry and sense of reality
Muse for they classic/contemporary metamorphosis
Gabriel Rios for the Contemporary Latin feel
Casuarina for their portuguese poetry


In Bruges (movie), The Wackness (movie), the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, any many others I can't recall right now, but have made me feel like humanity is as wide and varied as the ocean

Organisations I belong to:

Sadly I still belong to Couchsurfing, but I am progressively leaving it, because I hate for my kindness to be sold as merchandise to dishuman investors who care nothing about humanity! :D
I hope Bewelcome improves, because Couchsurfing is falling down the long latter like a fat overdressed boss...


HUMANITY IS NOT MERCHANDISE - At least not in my view of the universe!
We hope to give you some awareness on this if you decide to pay us a visit

Belongs to the following groups


Atheists & Agnostics

The belief that the people of the world are much stronger when they can discard the old beliefs and start believing man, itself, is the sole savior of it's future and able to build a much more balanced world without religions dividing populations :)


BeWelcome design team

I'm also a graphic artist and a passionate traveler ;;-)



I live here! Isn't that motivation enough? :)


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Usually 2 or 3 days, we'll see how we feel :) We should have available a big enough house with your own individual room.

I Live With:

My girlfriend Anca Maria and our kids, young and beautiful Alma, 4 month old, and little 5 yo boy, a traveller that has already crossed the world with us a couple of times

Please bring:

Sleeping bags, we may provide for sheets if we have them available - we usually do, but just in case :)

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

towels and company :)

I can offer my hosts:

The best we carry with us, our friendship, stories and sharing of experiences :)

Other information for guests:

we have a bed, will be clean for your arrival, don't worry :)
If you are hanging with more friends, we can dump a few more in the couch and eventually on the floor.

usage of the toilet has rules, leave stuff the way you found it.

We accept the occasional distraction (I am the most distracted person in the world) but we don't really accept carelessness... Just keep in mind that we are sharing space with you, and I'm sure everything will be alright! :)

MONEY: National currency is Euro.

Telephone: SIM card with a number + credit on it = 10 EURO! I recommend MEO network. Saves you a lot of money, if you need a spare cell phone we can provide for one during your stay! You do have to hand it back in the end though! :)

Area: Amadora, dead close to a train station that will lead you to the centre of Lisbon in 10/15 min, where the pulsating city is alive day and night

Use common sense and courtesy and we will all get along perfectly :)

Have an adventurous journey!

Public transport:

Closest tram stop is queen street, if you're coming from the airport or from Surfer's Paradise, it's the quickest way to get to us.
5 or 10 min later, after a little walk, you're here - we'll give you the specifics once we communicate.

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

Not a lot, I don't restrict my life according to anything else other than good sense. If you have the same, you are more than welcome!

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