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I am not hosting now but feel free to contact to go out and have a tea or coffee, or just a walk.

Likes travelling, doing theatre, music, shows, dancing, the wood close to oslo, the colour orange, physical emotions (i like to "feel" music), the night sky with moons (its soo nice to be out in the darkness!!), intellectual stuffs, face to face communication, do theatre and a lot more things.

I like to walk in the forest, and sometimes run there. It is really nice area around Oslo, if you come visit, I recommend going there for a day (and not only see museums and stuff...)

Spoken languages

  • Norwegian Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • German Intermediate
  • Russian Intermediate

My interests


Other people interests me the most!

Im also particularly interested in some regions (history, people, culture). This includes Russia and former soviet states, specially caucaus, the middle east, and iran.

Otherwise, see above.


Reads now and then, wish i had the time and ability to read more. I like classical russian literature (tolstoi, dostojevski), come contemporary (Murakami), some american sci fi (le guid, philip k dick), some other classics (kundera, hemingway, hamsun)

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i like berlin


Berlin Emergency Host

i like berlin



i like oslo


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

1-2 days

I Live With:


I can offer my guests:
A guided tour.

Limited space, so single travellers are preferred (18 square metres flat.)

There is only one room, so there are limited privacy since everyone have to sleep in the same room. Please be aware of that before you come.

I can offer my hosts:

Interesting conversation

Other information for guests:

small flat close to central railway station

Public transport:

Jongsvingen 12,
"Brenne" on doorbell

To get to my apartment you must take local train towards asker from central station (Oslo S) or nathionaltheateret. Trains usually go 23 and 53 past the hour. The train takes 20 minutes to from Oslo S to my place. From slependen about 5 minute walk to my place. When coming directly, I can meet you at slependen station.

The last train goes 0053 from Oslo S and 0055 from nathonaltheater. (to "Drammen", but it also stops at my stop. My stop name is "slependen").It is absolutely important that you make the last train, because if you dont you have to stay in the centre! It will take 3 hours to walk from centre to my place (about 20 km).

The exception is in the weekend (friday night and saturday night), there are night buses going from the bus station and nationaltheateret in my direction. Bus route (bus 149) are below, they leave 0130, 0230, 0330, and 0430 from bus station and pass the nathional theatre later. If taking this, go off at sandvika.


Please note that you are not allowed to sleep in the train or bus station in oslo, it will be closed during the night. The same is true for airports. The area around Oslo S is better to be avoided during night if you dont know the city well, as it has a high concentration of drug addicts. (Theyre not dangerous but its definately not a place you would want to sleep.)

"Slependen" is stop right after "Sandvika". It is also possible to walk to my place from sandvika, but it takes a little longer maybe 15 minutes, and if you have luggage better not. Regional trains also stop in sandvika.

Ticket one way cost 50 NOK. The ticket is also valid two hours on local metro and buses in oslo. If you stay for a longer time you can buy a week-card, which is 340, and valid both to slependen with train and metro, buses, and trams in oslo. Week cards can be bought at central station, ask for week card oslo-sandvika. Tickets are non-personal and can be borrowed by others.

You can also buy coupon card. It costs 270, and it can work for 6 journeys - so it gives 10% discount. To buy that, ask for "coupon card" from ticket office or from a Narvesen kiosk where they sell tickets.

If you have bought a travel pass within oslo, show it when buying ticket and ticket will be cheaper.

You should buy ticket _before_ entering train, or it will cost 20 NOK extra.

Map of my place:

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