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BACK IN BRUSSELS --- http://hitchwiki.org/en/Dante
Cs profile: " Dante " : http://www.couchsurfing.com/dante
Hc Profile: " Dante-Gabryell " : http://members.hospitalityclub.org/dante-gabryell ---I ve spent the last years traveling - hitch hiking around europe , shifting realities , learning , developing ideas and projects , connecting with (new) friends interested in working on projects. I like : http://www.nomadology.com

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shared intentional networks, beyond organizational structures

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Europe, South East Asia

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My Cs profile: " Dante " - direct link : www.couchsurfing.com/profile.html?id=4H66O5

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never ask
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1 or 2 days

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Wooden floor

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I have been a permanent traveler for several years. I might be able to help you in connecting with friends all over europe.

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No smoking, No drugs.

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