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About me

Sometimes i like silence and prefer to speak with my eyes than with words. I'm not an intensive traveler, as Levy Strauss wrote : "Je hais les voyages et les explorateurs". I just like spending time abroad to learn about the others and myself. Exploring landscapes, cities and my brain.

I also try to enjoy all days of my life as an epicurean person even sometimes shit happens and death can come faster than we think. I think that hapiness is not linked to money, sophisticated things or materialism. I can be happy with a glas of wine, a sunny day, a chat with an unknown person or just by looking the sea.

About requests : I know that, it's difficult to make personal requests especially when your english is limited as mine, so write me whatever you want, I don't care. If you are lazy as me, you can do it in french, italian, german, vorarlbergerisch, sicilian, spanish, portugese i'll understand it ; dutch should be also OK.

Spoken languages

  • French Expert
  • English Fluent
  • Italian Fluent
  • German Intermediate
  • Spanish Intermediate
  • Portuguese Intermediate
  • Dutch Beginner
  • Swedish Beginner
  • Amharic Beginner

My interests


Hiking, cinema, snowboard, soccer, books, traveling, illegal graffiti, trains, sociology, nature, writing, painting, party with friends, taking pictures
Listening deep techno and doing nothing.


I like to read. I'm used to read books about sociology, politic sciences and stuff like that but that can be boring and tiring because that needs concentration so I like also romans...

Orwell, K.dick, Sade, Barjavel, Huxley...
sociology, philosophy, I like news paper but not those who are in the mainstream


Can go to a trash metal concert and drink beers all the night or go to a techno gig till the morning. Currently more in techno, house, deep house, minimal...

Old school french rap, Noir Désir, La Rumeur, Gainsbourg.

I've listened a lot of punk, ska, reggae, oï, dub and rap. Sometimes also trash, death and heavy metal.

Like John Carpenter's music.


Last movie i loved : Drive.
Alll the Kubrick's movies, Audiard, Jeunet...

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Some interrails, most of the time I'm traveling alone.

Planned trips:

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Living in Mexico

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never ask
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language skills, french and italian food, bad jokes

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