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I am a part time student and currently looking for a job. However, I love to have guest at home, besides keeping me company.

Hobbies that I love/like: Videogames, travel, cooking, surf the net, music, reading, swimming, movies, dancing.

Thank you for stopping and reading my profile. Due some personal changes, I will be able to accept request and host until 15 of December. Request that arrive after this date will not be accepted.

Spoken languages

  • Spanish Mother Tongue
  • English Expert

My interests


Internet, videogames, travel, cooking, reading, music


Fav Author: Dan Brown


Pop/Rock, Electronica, Alternative, New Wave


Sci-Fi, Drama, Action/Shooters, Comedy, Dramedy

Organisations I belong to:

Epicentro Centro Comunitario

Travel experiences

Past trips:

US, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, El Salvador, Greece

Planned trips:

Not yet.

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Discover new ways to advise newcomers to my city, as well as a local support.


Gay & Gay Friendly

I am gay, and love to share my place --not my bed-- to other travelers. Guest will be having their own room (and have the privacy) they want.


Last Minute Couch - PERU

To help those surfers in need of a couch

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never ask
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Between 1-5 days... negotiable.

I Live With:

Alone, but from time to time family comes down to visit.

Please bring:

Your cheerfulness and good vibes. I love cooking, so if you know to cook please also bring recipes :D

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

A warm bed, hot water, advice on how to get to the city to my place and back too, and whatever is under my reach.

I can offer my hosts:

My kindness and sharing about my roots, and my culture. Also lots of humbleness and gratitude.

Other information for guests:

I live on the East side of the city, a suburb (residential) area called La Molina. It is (from downtown) 40 minutes west from the Miraflores area and 1 hour north from the airport (depending how dense is traffic times may vary).

If the rooms are occupied, you may still be accomodated in the couches. They are large and comfy.

Although is kinda far my flat, it is conveniently located nearby shops, restaurants, markets, supermarkets, fast food and local restaurants, two bars, gas station, schools, you name it.

About the flat, it has 3 bedrooms, two of them are available. Both have a comfy bed. Also have hot water. Unfortunately, I don't have internet and cable TV but there are internet cafes just around the corner where they have full access to the web.

Public transport:

Very fluent (I live just a block from the main avenue) where most transport lines goes by. After hours, buses are limited however you can also take a cab to reach my place (but the fee is somehow high).

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

You cannot bring other people without my consent.
You cannot eat of my food unless I give permission (or I make a meal to share).
You brake something, you replace it in full.

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