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About me

Single expatriate in Paris area during 13 years for work, I left this place in Jully 2013 and I live in Montpellier since September 2013.

My life is a simple one. In general, I just use what I think necessary. I am easily happy. I can as well live "into the wild" or spend hours in front of my computer.

Even if english language knoledge is very practicle for foreign travels, I don't like the imperialism of american language, and it's the reason why I used online translators to make one of my website in 8 different languages and also why now I contribute to the free software for automatic translation Apertium.

Spoken languages

  • French Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate
  • Spanish Beginner
  • German Can only say Welcome!
  • Swedish Can only say Welcome!
  • Esperanto Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Computers : Writing free softwares :
http://libremail.free.fr/ and http://cyloop.tuxfamily.org/
Translation of the wiki of Apertium project : http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Category:Documentation_en_fran%C3%A7ais
Photo, motorbike (during my vacation), naturist freedom, astronomy.


Novels (Bernard Werber, Harry Potter ...) and science fiction.
Books of Lobsang Rampa.
Computer technical books.


The text songs from my youth and before (Brassens, Renaud, Pierre Perret, Boby Lapointe)
My own songs : http://chansonbech.tuxfamily.org/


Films about social issues that I see in a cinema "Utopia" in the Toulouse region during my vacation.
"La belle verte" from Colline Serrault suits my lifestyle.
"Into the wild" also (without going as far as the film's hero).

Organisations I belong to:

- Association for the Promotion of Naturism in Freedom (APNEL) http://www.apnel.fr/
- Association Tuxfamily (a web host for free softwares + free art) : http://www.tuxfamily.org/fr/about
- Droit au corps http://www.droitaucorps.com/ (against the sexual mutilations and especially not chosen circumcision)
- The Union Force Ouvrière.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

All over western europe since my childhood in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden (3 times), Norway (Oslo only), Great Britain.
I was on the Berlin Wall the night of December 31, 1989.

Very few trips outside europe:
- 2 stays in American families around the age of 20 years (Los Angeles and Philadelphia)
- New Year on Reunion Island that ended with the theft of my things, as for the other tourists who tasted the good but strong punch offered on the beach by local peoples !

Planned trips:

Alicante university (about Apertium project and other machine translation projects based on free softwares).

I have would like more and more to do 0g flight. But regarding the price, it's a pity aeroplane hichhiking does not work !


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

2 or 3 days

I Live With:

I live alone.

Please bring:

You, your sleeping bag if you wish, but it is not essential.

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

I have boxes of an excellent cassoulet that I bring from the Toulouse region and also some Floc de gascogne (a little like pineau (more known in France), but produced in the south west).

I can offer my hosts:

Three times, I brought some of this cassoulet (a box enough big for a 3 persons meal), and one time also Floc, but my hosts were not interested, and I brought that back to home. My wish to share the cassoulet box was even an additional point of discord during a weekend at a CS ambassador's which was badly held.
So, if you wish I bring this kind of product, ask it explicitly.

Other information for guests:

I sleep naked. You, can do as you want.
When it's warm enough for it to be pleasant (at least 23 ° C, which occurs from May to September), I also like being naked in my apartment. If you like it too, enjoy it. In addition, the risk of being seen from the outside is limited.
For me, nudity is not sexual.

I prefer receiving requests a week in advance, instead of 2 days before or less.

From September to June, will not be in my flat during the school holidays of C zone. I can be outside also a bit in July August.

Periods when I should not be here:
- 20th October to 3th November 2018
- 22th December 2018 to 5th January 2019
- 23th February to 9th March 2019
- 20th April to 4th May 2019
- some days after the 5th of July 2019
- some days around the 20th of August 2019
- 19th October to 2nd November 2019
- 21th December 2019 to 4th January 2020

Public transport:

By the tram:
- 5 minutes walking from the stop St Cléophas (line 2)
- 5 minutes from the stop Nouveau St Roch (lines 2 and 4)
- 7 minutes walking from the stop St Martin (line 4)

By the train:
- 15 minutes walking from the station Montpellier St Roch.

House Rules:
No smoking.

No dog.

From September to beginning of July, I can leave early the morning to work and you will have to leave my appartment with me.

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