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You can call me Baldeep, an experienced CS member. We are a family of three : me, my wife - Ruhi and our daughter - Jazz.
Our house is modest, nothing of international standards here :-), but hearts are big, we offer our house as your own house . MI CASA ES SU CASA. Please note that I have a small kid of two years. She may make some noise or disturb you.
We are polite, adjusting ,clean and punctual and expect the same from our CS guest.
We would love to you host you for sharing personal experiences, culture, travel stories, jokes, city outings and house work.
If you can teach us some new food dish, it is perfect! welcome aboard!.
In YOUR REQUEST please add why should I host you. If you are coming with a companion, please tell a line about them including their gender, age and nationality.
For knowing each other better, feel free to add me on www.facebook.com/baldeepwalia

Spoken languages

  • English Expert
  • Hindi Expert
  • Spanish Intermediate
  • Italian Beginner

My interests


studying body language, travelling, cracking jokes, soft music, hanging out with friends, architecture, photography, .


How to make friends and influence people - Dale Carneige


Bhangra - (Punjabi dance), All Contemporary Music,


Home Alone, Pretty Woman, Terminator, Rocky, 300, True Lies

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I live in Delhi and like to host people



I live in delhi and like to host


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

I may host for only one night or many weeks. It all depends on how we connect and how nice of a guest you are.

I Live With:

We are a family of three : me, my wife - Ruhi and our daughter - Jazz

Please bring:


I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

I have a spare Bed Room.
U shall have ample privacy in your room. but the dining room, kitchen and toilet are in a common area

Other information for guests:

I work from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm monday to friday but my wife and daughter are mostly at home.
I dont need any money or profits, but i am not looking for free loaders. I would be grateful for a small souvenir, a small currency or a post card with experience of my couch.
I would like to meet you with a new, lifelong, exciting friendship and a fulfilling exchange of life experiences in mind.

Public transport:

We have a two Bed room, apartment. Nearest Metro station - Tilak Nagar metro station on Blue Line is at 1.8 km Metrio is the best way to move around. It is well connected to places of interest and a few metro stations away from the Indira Gandhi international airport (about 11 km) and New Delhi Railway station(about 18 km) .
All basic amenities (grocery, bakery & chemist) and local transport (Rickshaws, taxis & bus stand) are available within two minutes walking distance.

House Rules:
No drugs.

HOUSE RULES (lessons learnt from not so good experiences)
1. If you have told me that you shall be back from city tour at a certain time, but get late (happens a lot) Kindly, apprise me of the situation. I understand you are smart and independent. But I want to avoid the wait and anxiety.
2. I have a small kid, she may become noisy at night (kids are like that) or become curious of your belongings (so please do not keep your stuff scattered unnecessarily)
3. We like to share our food and cook tea or food. But free loaders are not fun. Please share the work load. If any thing is ordered from outside, please pay your share of the bill.
4. We may sound rude or funny at times. But, it is just lack of proper vocabulary & accent and difference in cultural background. And we shall be happy to discuss it out.
5. If you have read it out till here. I am sure that hosting you would be fun. So please add the name of my daughter JAZZ in your request.