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augustas Augustas Kligys anytime

About me

I have only one goal in my life - To Feel Good.

Spoken languages

  • Lithuanian Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Russian Fluent
  • German Intermediate
  • Spanish Intermediate

My interests


Spirituality, Poker, Magic


Groundhog Day

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Living 6 years on the road: http://FollowTheRoad.com/en/

Planned trips:

Belongs to the following groups



I am a member since.... uh... verrrry long...


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
I Live With:

My wife Katja and our son

I can offer my guests:

Mattress, blankets, raw food :)

Public transport:

We live 15min walk from Pirna train station. You can reach Dresden center within 30 min.

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

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