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About me

I had a pretty normal life in Bilbao, but I decided to break up with everything and travel around Europe and especially Asia for almost 2 years.
Now I'm back where I started, and trying to find a new way for my life.
Visit my website: http://eurasiatik.eu

Spoken languages

  • English Expert
  • Spanish Expert
  • Basque Expert
  • French Fluent
  • Russian Beginner
  • Japanese Beginner
  • Occitan Beginner

My interests


Reading, travelling, playing music, cycling, mountaineering, partying, learning languages...


The Brothers Karamazov, A Tale of Two Cities, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Midnight's Children, Shalimar the Clown, 1984, The Mayor of Casterbridge, The Odyssey, The Ramayana, American Gods (to name just a few that I've read recently).


Folk music in general. Lately I've been experiencing a growing interest in Balkan, Turkic and Persian influenced styles.


Dersu Uzala, Enemy At the Gates, Into The Wild, The Last Emperor, Mongol, Cloud Atlas, Dolls, Hero (Ying Xiong) (to list just a few).

Organisations I belong to:

NORAEZEAN, Basque Geographical Society

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Great trips I did in Europe:
Iceland, Greece-Macedonia-Albania, Scotland, Western Ireland, Norway, Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia-Finland, Bulgaria, Sardinia, Switzerland (Graubünden-Tizino)...

Morocco, from Tangier to the Sahara.

My great Eurasian adventure from February 2011 to August 2012:
France-Germany-Poland-Slovakia-Ukraine-Russia-South Korea-Japan-China-Mongolia-Laos-Thailand-Myanmar-Malaysia-Singapore-Cambodia-Vietnam-Tibet-Xinjiang-Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan-Azerbaijan-Iran-Georgia-Turkey-Greece-Albania-Montenegro-Croatia-Italy-France.

Two months in Sri Lanka & India in November-December 2012.

Planned trips:

No trips in sight right now, although I have many ideas for future travels:

Russia (St Petersburg) and places near the Volga, lake Baikal again, but this time in summer.

Mongolia, the Western and Eastern sides I have not been to.

Tibet again and then Nepal.

Iceland again and Greenland.

Turkey again, its Mediterranean coast, that I haven't seen.

Iran, places in the Southwest and South I haven't been to. Turkmenistan and Tajikistan too.

Places in Europe I haven't seen yet like maybe Denmark & Sweden, or Romania & Moldova.

Northern England, from Newcastle to Cumbria, and then the Isle of Man.

Lappland, northern Finland.


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