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I love meeting with friends for a beer- I love rock bars, gay bars, boat bars! What is a boat bar? You can find them in Thessaloniki by the White Tower.They are ships that make a sea tour around the city harbor- plus, you can have a drink on board! [I used to be quite the pub crawler but the crisis has changed this a lot]

Who am I? Let's see: my real name is Anastasia, not Artemis (=blogger's nickname). I am a film-junkie of sorts. My room is full of movies and books about movies- and some film posters :) If I don't bring up the subject of films when you meet me, consider yourself blessed!

I have been a teacher and a student, a crazy bastard and a saint, madly in love and so out of it, all in pursuit of being myself. I don't quite know what I am everyday, now... all I know for sure is I am queer...! When I take a breath and sit back, and see where I have been or what I have done, I actually feel it was all worth it. Being a human is quite a ride.

You can find more about me checking my Couchsurfing Profile where I have been active for more than 2 years and hosted more than 50 people.

Spoken languages

  • Greek Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • French Intermediate

My interests


Tv junkie of sorts. I can't (won't) watch Greek Television (it's stupid, dangerous and eternally repeating the SOS - aka Same Old Shit). But I can't live without the American one... When I feel lazy I like to sit back and watch "True Blood", "Weeds", and all kinds of silly little things like "the Real L word" - Go Whitney!


I have been a bookworm half my life (I am also a bookcrosser but not a very active one). One of my favorite writers is Tom Robbins. "Even cowgirls get the blues" is one my fav. novels of all time. But I also love detective novels... go figure! (have been reading Patricia Highsmith lately).


My music preferences vary from jazz to rock. I mostly like alternative stuff but sometimes I enjoy a good pop tune! If I had to choose only one voice I desperately fell in love with that would have been Sinead O'Connor's (in the mean time I grew up! LoL) Now I respect Ani Di Franco more than I do Sinead.


You can browse my movie interests here,
it's not very updated but you get the point :)
I have to say that I absolutely adore John Cameron Mitchell and "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" is my fav. film of all times...!

Organisations I belong to:

I am a member of "Karma Gyaltsen Ling", a small (but beautiful!) Buddhist Center in Thessaloniki: www.thessalonikibuddhistcenter.org

I am also a member of the Green Party, "Oikologoi Prasinoi"[http://ecogreensalonika.wordpress.com]. I don't think that entirely covers the "personal philosophy" section but at least you catch my drift!

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Czech Republic, France, Turkey, Ireland (Republic of)

Planned trips:

Where I am going next: Bulgaria, Albania.
Where I'd love to go next but it's sort of a long-term plan:
Brazil, England, Japan, Nepal, Netherlands, Peru, United States

Belongs to the following groups



I am joining this group after being in CouchSurfing for two years, to help motivate people from my local community to move to a non-profit like BeWelcome which does not abuse personal data of users like CS can probably do.


never ask
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

I am willing to host someone for three days at the most. If someone wishes to extend their stay to more (e.g. a week), this should be discussed. I can host in weekdays or weekends, there is no problem with that.

I Live With:

There are three people living in the house besides me, my brother, Byron, my mother, Katerina and my aunt Ana. Here is my brother's profile:
Everyone is very easy-going. You can see a photo of me and my brother Byron in the photo section. I should also note down that he is an experienced climber and he welcomes people who would like to go climbing at e.g. Mount Olympus!

I have set my status to "I cannot host " because I am having family staying over ... indefinitely! It's my aunt Ana who is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. My mom and my other aunt take care of her because she cannot take care of herself. Mostly she is quiet but because of this it's hard to host people. Also, the couch in the living room is not free at the moment and I cannot receive any guests.

Please bring:

You DO NOT HAVE TO bring blankets, sheets, towels etc. I can provide you with everything you need to sleep comfortably. If you want to use your own towel and sleeping bag, it's fine with me!

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

I give to the person that I am hosting the possibility to choose between sleeping in the couch in the living room, which is very ample and friendly, and the possibility to sleep in my own room which is much more comfortable (and there are a lot of books around to choose from!). I don't mind at all sleeping on the couch myself.

There is a computer in the house that you can use to connect to the internet and check your emails. Wi-Fi is also provided.

Please note that due to another severe pay-cut, I can not provide all meals to guests, go out with them, or show them around the city as much I used to (which was all the time). I am sorry. This crisis has hit this home as well. I can offer breakfast and one meal a day (e.g. dinner).

I am usually able to show people around a bit. I am not always too busy with work. So I don't mind staying up late as well.

My brother also likes helping out our guests and offering them a relaxed guided tour of the city.

I can offer my hosts:

My time, my energy, and my resources are yours if you host me!

Other information for guests:

I live in the east part of the town, in the suburbs, in Thermi. My house is 10 minutes away from the airport of Thessaloniki (5 km). Thermi is located at about 14 kilometers (45 minutes by bus) from the city centre. I live near the Town Hall on the south side of Thermi.

There are quite a few things to do in the part of town where I live, particularly during the summer. The nearest attraction is the recreation park by the Lake (called "the dam" or "fragma" in Greek). There are also a couple of shopping centres, the "Waterland" amusement park, a Luna Park, an open area for concerts, a hiking trail that leads to the nearest mountain ("Hortiatis"), multiplex cinemas, the Science center/Museum of Technology (see http://www.tmth.edu.gr) and so on. The advantage of Thermi compared to the city centre is that it's less crowded and more relaxed.

Public transport:

Public transportation is quite good, there are two bus lines to the city centre, number 67 and number 66. They both connect to the city centre via the bus stations in the IKEA area and the Nea Helvetia Park (Harilaou), respectively. To reach IKEA from the city center, you can take buses number 2, 3 or 8. To reach Harilaou from the city center you need to take bus number 10.

Anyone who wants to stay in Thermi but wishes to spend a lot of time in the city should know that the distance from the city centre to my house is about 14 kilometres and the taxi fare is quite expensive (around 18-20 euros). The last bus from the IKEA bus station to Thermi is at 11.40 p.m. (bus number 67), and from Harilaou 11.34 p.m. (bus number 66). See more at www.oasth.gr about timetables. Please notice that bus timetables differ during the weekend.

If someone wishes to stay out late at night, go out and return back to Thermi after midnight, don't worry! You can get the night bus (78N) which will take you as far as IKEA and then take a taxi to Thermi from there, for 6,50 euros. Of course you could also ask me to be your city guide or go out with me at night and split in two the taxi fare with me on return :)

House Rules:
No drugs.

I don't have any pets and I don't smoke, but the rest of the family are smokers, so if you smoke I am tolerant! We prefer that you smoke outside on one of the two big balconies that we have (it's comfortable, there are chairs and a table).

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