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Lover of silence and heartful music-making, wilderness and kind people, (hitch-)hiking vagabond trying to live ethical life with smaller eco-footprint and minimum harm to living beings. Happy to be reminded to be more mindful. When not sleeping in caves, forests and hospitable people's houses, I welcome you in a bit run-down, basically equipped stone house with old fruit trees amidst fields and close-by woods in rural CZECHIA - 90 km south of Prague (bus max twice a day, takes one and half hour, 90 to 100 CZK), 20 km north of Milevsko.

For much more about me (both more self-description and many REFERRENCES) see:
(But contact me through BeWelcome - to keep it more alive!)

Some attitudes of mine are also in few of the articles on my blog:

How to get here:
Direct buses ply between these 2 destinations and stop less than a km from my house. Check timetables at www.idos.cz, entering "Kovarov, Lasovice" as destination (not other Lasovice!!)

Spoken languages

  • Czech Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Slovak Expert
  • Bulgarian Fluent
  • Polish Fluent
  • Russian Fluent
  • Sanskrit Intermediate
  • Spanish Intermediate
  • Norwegian Bokmål Intermediate
  • Hindi Intermediate
  • Pāli Beginner
  • Albanian Beginner
  • Croatian Beginner
  • Bengali Beginner
  • Nepali Beginner
  • Serbian Beginner
  • French Beginner
  • German Beginner
  • Italian Beginner
  • Georgian Beginner
  • Macedonian Beginner
  • Turkish Can only say Welcome!
  • Greek Can only say Welcome!
  • Arabic Can only say Welcome!
  • Gujarati Can only say Welcome!
  • Persian Can only say Welcome!
  • Hebrew Can only say Welcome!

My interests


singing (folk and pre-classical polyphony, when there are people possible to sing with)
guitar playing (Latin, flamenco, some classical, etc.)
hiking, high-altitude trekking (+ wanna try and learn rock-climbing)
languages and dialects (learning or just learning about)
hugging (with anyone who likes)
cuddling/stroking (with women who like gentleness without sex)


inspiring reading:

Thich Nhat Hanh - anything
S.N. Goenka - Art of Living
Helene Norberg-Hodge - Ancient Futures
Marshal Rosenberg - Non-Violent Communication

Reading for aesthetic pleasure (and beyond):
Japanese Haiku
Sanskrit Kavya (Jayadeva, Kalidasa, etc)
Sanskrit Upanishads
I read fiction infrequently - various classics of belles letres and
some modern novels/short stories (but not detectives, sci-fi or fantasy), sometimes erotics too :) From contemporary bestsellers I liked just some works of Coelho.



polyphony from the Gothics, Renaissance and Baroque (vocal interpretation in the period's style only, or on period instruments)
Some classical from times after baroque too - but not opera and not "classical"-style solo singing in general, not symphonies and other loud music: Rather solo or chamber pieces.
Ethnic-folk (only pure traditional, no remixes with el.sounds)
World music (some)
Jazz (most)
Flamenco (all, esp. the rough cante jondo)
Bossa-nova (esp. Jobim)
Sephardic (most)
Hebrew (some)
Arabic (classical - not pop)
Iranian (Persian classical)
Indian-Pakistani (Hindustani and Karnatic classical, no bollywood or pop-bhajans)
Japanese traditional (esp. shakuhachi)

Some rock (Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd - listened to them in my teens :)


pop-music (almost all), electronic music (all), reggae (after couple of minutes), metal, hard-core.


Documentaries - esp. on life of common people in other parts of the world. (I attend Oneworld festival in Prague every year - google it and you'll understand what I find worth waisting time in front of a screen)

Artistic reature films - e.g. from Wenders, Saura, Buňuel, Tarkovskiy, Fellini, Goddard (but I do not go to cinemas usually - prefer THEATRE, esp. experimental)

Organisations I belong to:

People in Need (an NGO, charitable foundation)

Travel experiences

Past trips:

India (repeated and long term), Middle East, Balkans, Skandinavia, Spain

Planned trips:

I am sure I wanna RETURN to: Norway, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, India, Iran
And NEW destinations I wish to go to? Most probably: Georgia, Armenia and the whole Caucasus. Alps
(Theoretically also: Central Asia. South-east Asia. Africa. Latin America. Not really planning anything - almost everywhere might be interesting, but I do not need to be everywhere.

Belongs to the following groups


alternative ways of living, consuming...

Consuming less is my value



consult my profile translation :)


Camping & outdoor

Often sleeping under the stars (never in campings)

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

4 days, afterwards prolongable to weeks - depends what your presence brings
if necessary, we can plan a whole weak straight away, if you like the house rules

I Live With:

Alone, in principle, but there are some beings around:
- mice and insects indoors (sometimes),
- deer and birds in the garden (if you are quiet)

Occassionally my mother (the owner of the house) comes for a 3days' visit

Please bring:

Nothing required. You are definitely welcome empty-handed!

But it'd be nice if you bring musical instrument you can play

Often, some food shopping might be useful for both of us - the local village shop has almost nothing to offer - if you come by car or are able to carry extra bag to the bus.
(On the mainroad round the corner from the bus terminus in Prague, there is organic food shop Rozmaryna on Nadrazni st., closed on weekends; further on are supermarkets) I can pay it, usually, but ask ahead if I have cash at home! Do not feel pressed to bring shopping though. We wont starve without it.

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

dry and windless sleep (not always warm!)
beds with bedding
shower (hot on sunny days, or within 1-3h after starting fire in the stove)
wood-stove (sometimes with firewood to put on :)
home-made bread (wholemeal organic)
very simple vegetarian food
herbal-tea from what grows around
Far-Eastern green tea/Darjeeling black tea/yerba mate - if I still have some (also a good thing to bring:)
end-August to early October: pears and plums to eat from the tree
CDs and cassettes of mainly Oriental classical, pre-Classical European and various ethnic folk music.
Life guitar and singing
Back massage (preferably reciprocal :)

Be prepared to go out each time you need to pi or pooh - the toilet is in the garden.

I can offer my hosts:

help with chores
singing and playing a guitar - if you have one
teaching guitar
teaching Sanskrit (but we need few years :)
back massage (exchange preferred :)

Other information for guests:

Quite basic amenities, simple house of a poor single man :)
No TV or radio. Music system available, but to be played quiet and switched off when I ask for silence.
Good for rural landscape lovers: Walks in woods and among fields, biking uphill (I have an old bicycle you can lend), plus - if you have a car: swimming and fishing, trips to castles.

My home is located 90km south of Prague.
Some info on tourist places south of me is at: www.toulava.cz/en
The typical destinations for trips from my house are

Milevsko monastery - reachable by direct bus

The following need a car or a long hike:
Orlik chateau,
Zvikov castle,
Open air village architecture museum in Vysoky Chlumec.
Three historical towns of tourist interest in distance
of less than 50km by car from my house are:
Pisek, Tabor, Pribram.
Here are links to the visiting hours pages of the webs of the castles and rural museum:
1) Chateau (castle) Orlik:

2) Castle Zvikov

3) Open air museum Vysoky Chlumec

4) Milevsko Monastery's info (as of Oct 2015):
Summertime opening hours:
July, Aug - daily 10-16:30
May,Jun,Sept - Friday 14-16, Sat 10-16, Sun 11-16
Visits at other times to be arranged by calling this phone

number: +420 737 166 733
entry 60czk (student 30)
The general contact of Milevsko monastery:
info@milevskoklaster.cz, + 420 382 521 458
(Web milevskoklaster.cz seems to be only in Czech)

Public transport:

Buses between Prague and Milevsko stop 700m from the house.
Departures from Prague "Na Knizeci" (=metro Andel) typically:
Workdays 8:20, 15:00, 17:10
Saturdays 8:20, 15:00
Sundays 19:25
Say "Lashovitse" when buying the ticket from the driver.
Better doublecheck on www.jizdnirady.cz (click English flag at almost-bottom right and fill in "Kovarov, Lasovice" as destination)

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

0) Shoes off inside the house (however, you cannot be barefoot here - very cold and rather dusty floor; so use another pair of shoes, or ask me for some)

1) No drunk people here! (if you drink alcohol, do so only in very moderate amounts)

2) No smoking
(if you go out to smoke, it must be very far away from windows and please wait outside after smoking to air away the smell)

3) This is no party place. Don't make noise. Listening to music and making music is possible when we both are in mood for it

4) Better do not come with a dog or cat
(if you have to, ask me first. And make sure the animal does not enter the kitchen, leaves no hair anywhere, and definitely no shit).
Horses welcome

6) Behave ecologically and economically:
separate garbage
save resources = do not waste electricity, gas, firewood, water, food

(firewood is scarce, hard to get for me, keep it for really cold days; electricity is produced mostly very unecologically in Czechia, and my electricity tariff is the most expensive one; gas is cheap, but heavy to carry - I have no car!)

Do not put paper inside my composting toilet (there is a bin for that purpose) and ideally cover your excrement with a handful of sawdust.

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