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I am a software engineer, an education worker, a vegan, an anarchist, and much much more. Being a rather open person i am willing to discuss any and all of these things with my guests, but i will also not bore you with conversations that you aren't interested in.

Please no requests from anybody who is ill with: fascism, nationalism, racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism, etc.

I do not mind if people move rooms all by themselves. But please, only i can move people into my room. I am often willing to give it up for a guest, but it is really upsetting when people make themselves that much at home.

Also, unless you explicitely state otherwise i expect you to be able to share the room with other couchsurfers.

Spoken languages

  • Russian Mother Tongue
  • English Expert

My interests


genealogy, postcrossing, photography (a little), programming, teaching (yes, it's also my hobby)


Fiction: Dune (all 6 books) by Frank Herbert
Non-fiction: On God and the State by Mihail Bakunin


depends on the mood

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Alternative pornography and erotica

I'm a non-commercial porn enthusiast. I administer an anarchist pornography site and support sex worker rights.


Anarchism / Libertarian Socialism

I am an anarchist without adjectives / anarcho-anarchist. Supporting gift economy and mutual cooperation.


Atheists & Agnostics

i am an atheist, antitheist

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never ask
Max number of guests:
House Rules:

No smoking or other drugs inside of the house.
Leave one shelf for vegan items in the refrigerator.
Don't take up the internet bandwidth when i am working.

Have fun!

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