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Valeria_Julian Julian Valeria Gröger

About me

We live in Berlin since 2009 in a three room apartment. We as wife and husband share one room. We have two more flatmates and this wonderful couch we offer.

Valeria is originally from Chisinau (MD) and Julian from Uetersen (northern Germany). We both are interested in ecology and saving this planet. ;) For humanity to become a purely positive effect on our big ecosystem we think and believe that the Bahai-religion and the Transition Town Movement has a lot to offer. Using resources carefully, being open-hearted and welcoming is a good base to start from. We are happy to share thoughts at dinner tables...

Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • Russian Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Romanian Fluent
  • Spanish Intermediate


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

from our experience it's nice to have guests for max. 5 days for the start.

I Live With:

We both live in one room. We have two flatmates, each in one room. The couch is in a kitchen-living-room. The space can be closed with a curtain for some privacy.

Please bring:

We don't drink too much alcohol. So please no wine. We usually try to dinner together at least once with our guests and if you have something special to bring to eat from your region of the world, we will be happy.
But basically we are more happy for your kindness, your thoughts and willingness to share.

I can offer my guests:

You'll have the couch. If you like each other you can also sleep with two people on it. We usually don't have too much time durong the day to show you around but a bicycle we can offer.

I can offer my hosts:

If you're interested we love to share knowledge about the Transition Town Movement or the Bahai religion.

Other information for guests:

It's in the fifth flour and there is no elevator. So bring some good condition if you have a heavy bag! The good thing about it: When the wheather is good we can climb on the roof and show you Berlin from above. ;)

Public transport:

The next station is called "Leopoldplatz" (U6 or U9). There is a 8 minute walk from there to our house.

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

We are aware of energy consumption. If you are as well we will be very happy.

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