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About me

I was a seasoned CS hoster and guest until a few years ago. I created my profile here when CS became more commercialised but I've never really used the site, i mostly started using airbnb instead.

October 2017 im now living in Orkney, i have a small cottage and may be able to accomodate requests. i will return to Norwich at some point

May 2017 Im just back from a barge and bike trip to Italy and enjoyed meeting people from around the world. Im planning a trip to Poland and somehow my thoughts have brought me back here, I miss meeting interesting travelling people when I stay in Airbnb.

I retired from teaching in 2013. Last year i took a workaway placement in the Faroe Islands in the spring and then moved to Cornwall in the autumn but after 9 months of being away, I found that my heart belongs to Norwich and have returned home where im enjoying creating experimental textiles, wild swimming and riding my bike.

Please do contact me if you would like to come to visit, Norwich is a relatively small and quiet but ancient and arty city, its a bit off the tourist track and all the better for being so. I dont drink and Im vegetarian

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • French Intermediate
  • Spanish Beginner
  • Finnish Beginner

My interests


contemporary fiction, bridge, organic allotment, cycling, textiles, writing, talking, philosophical debate, good food and wine


i try to read books from book award short lists as a general guide but enjoy any recomendations


at the moment its leonard cohen, old ideas.. love it to bits


at the moment its anna karenina

Organisations I belong to:

warm showers, workaway.info, helpx, findacrew.net

Travel experiences

Past trips:

serious living/working travel: australia 1 year, finmark 4 months, faroe islands 4 months.
visits from weekends to several weeks: much of europe, singapore, usa, canada, newfoundland, nova scotia, iceland, outer hebrides, sri lanka, tunisia, egypt, morocco, lebanon.

Planned trips:

poland, portugal, greenland, shetlands, hebrides

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50+ group

hope for the future and new beginnings

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

a few days

Please bring:

flexibility, independence and a toothbrush

I can offer my guests:

sometimes just a bed, tea and coffee, sometimes my company and we can share meals.
we may spend time together or you might need to be very independent.
please tell me what you are looking for, sometimes i use sites like this for convenience and sometimes when traveling. please be clear about your need and purpose of visit.
i do not drink and do not eat meat

I can offer my hosts:

i will try to respect your privacy or your desire to be gregarious.
i can be self sufficient or cook a vegetarian meal to share
i am honest, reliable and a good communicator.
i dont tend to travel 'normally' whatever normal means but am a risk taker and because i travel solo, happenchance opportunities seem to come my way. i have stories of cooking on prawn boats, travelling with camel racing teams, hitching road trains, sri lanken markets, sami reindeer herders, sri lankan wholesale markets, frozen baltic ocean, being ordered by police to drive the car i just hitched a lift with and many other memories, not from my twenties but from my forties and fifties.

Other information for guests:

if i exclude you in my preferences below but you think we should meet, please tell me the reasons you think this doesnt apply to you and ill probably say ok!

ive previously had guests from couchsurfing, warm showers and hospitality club. i find that each seems to have its own set of unwritten ground rules or expectations. i have no idea as yet what the culture is like over here but i hope it is one of mutual exchange, trust and interest in others. please do not come hoping that i will wait on you, do your washing or serve you your meals and then wash up while you lounge around ;o) , equally this is not the place for you if you are coming to a gig and just want a bed to crash in at 2 o'clock in the morning.

Public transport:

10 mins walk into city centre, 5mins walk to bus stop, 25mins walk to railway station

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

i prefer single travellers, females, over 25s, no pets or drugs thanks.

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