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About me

Hi I'm Pete. I'm from England but have been in Mexico since 2009. I now run The Sanctuary, a Health Education Retreat Community

We have some specific purposes at The Sanctuary, some of which are:

To maintain awareness in the present moment rather than getting lost in memories of the past or projections of the future;

Cleansing & harmonising mind, body & soul;

Re-programming our conditioned minds by way of pertinent audio/video lectures & other learning materials.

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • Spanish Beginner
  • Turkish Beginner

My interests


Yoga, Meditation, Natural Health, Holistic Healing


The School for Gods - Stefan D'Anna
Anatomy of the Spirit - Carolyn Myss


MC Yogi
Snatum Kuar


What the Bleep do We Know
Conversations with God

Organisations I belong to:

Genesis II Church of Health & Healing

Belongs to the following groups



I offer work exchange & volunteer opportunities at our Holistic Healing Education Center in Mexico


WWOOF & Helpx

I offer work exchange & volunteer opportunities at our Holistic Healing Education Center in Mexico



I practice yoga & offer a space for others to do the same.


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

1 night as a BeWelcome Guest

I Live With:

A small community of volunteers and guests and a cat named Peace.

Please bring:

It would be best if you have a sheet or sleeping bag as we cannot promise to provide these for you. Nor are we able to promise a mosquito free environment (although they are pretty scarce up on the palapa with the light out) but you may like to bring a net or tent.

I can offer my guests:

The sleeping space we would usually offer you is likely to be a camping space, a hammock or blankets on the floor in our yoga space (a palapa on the roof). Sometimes we might offer you a bed in the house, but only if you use your sleeping bag.

I can offer my hosts:

As the house is a Healing Retreat Center (with Guests who pay to stay) we can only offer BeWelcomers a 1 night stay without charge. You are welcome to join us for daily morning meditation, and our evening sharing sessions (3-4 times per week).

We are unable offer meals to BeWelcomers as part of their free stay. Sorry - but we are on a tight budget. The kitchen is not available for the use of guests (or BeWelcomers) as our staff use it to prepare meals for our guests. You may join us for meals if you pre-order at cost. (Breakfast Smoothie 30 pesos, Vegan Lunch or Evening Meal 70 pesos).

Yoga classes are available at 7.45 am (except Sundays) by donation

Other information for guests:

During the week (usually not at weekends) we ring wake up bells at around 6.15am, starting meditation practice around 6.45am followed by hatha yoga on the rooftop palapa. If you are to stay at The Sanctuary we like it if you join us in our practice to learn or discover more about meditation and yoga.

Public transport:

collectivo's and buses available for 5 pesos. taxi's only 30 pesos from town centre bus station

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

The gates and house are locked usually at 10.30 pm. Silence in the house from 10.30 pm until after morning meditation. No alcohol (or drunkeness), drugs, smoking, meat, fish or processed foods are permitted in the grounds. This is not a late night party house. Please also avoid non-natural products such as chemical shampoos/soaps, etc. in the community as we wish to keep our space as pure as possible. We have natural alternatives you may use.

The Sanctuary is a healing center so several of our staff members and guests are in the process of self-work, focusing mostly on special diets, yogic exercises, yard work and others. This does not mean that we are rigid or even tired and to the contrary, increased energy has been one of the benefits. That said, we are trying to create an atmosphere which is conducive.

You can help by doing the following:

1)Respecting a non dairy, non meat, non-junk food, minimum processed food kitchen which is for the use of our staff only. Therefore we ask that you keep the kitchen space clear, with the exception of making a cup of tea of getting a glass of water.
2)Refraining from using your time as a BeWelcome guest to drink alcohol, smoke, etc. While it is okay to do these things outside, be aware that there could be an impact that would not be supportive to those here going through their own process upon your return here.
3)Be open to join our other yogic sessions during some afternoons and evenings, such as audio/video lectures, Tibetan singing bowl therapy or other activities, even if you are new to such things.
5)Cleaning after oneself to keep the atmosphere, clean and sharp.

Finally, we invite you to look at and to share our website http://healing-haven.com to help us to heal ourselves and others more effectively.

Thank you, we hope to be able to host you soon.