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I do study, teach and perform music. I teach Arabic calligraphy too. For the moment doing my master degree at the Royal Conservatory of Mons (Belgium). I studied before at the National Conservatory of Lyon (France). Also, i studied at the Faculty of Fine Art in Damascus and at the High Institute of music of Damascus.

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Spoken languages

  • Arabic Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • French Fluent
  • Spanish Intermediate

My interests




(nothing and everything): Classic, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Oriental Fusion, Rock, Celtic, Newage...


Hair, Run Lola Run, Shawshank Redemption, Willow Tree (Iranian movie), Pulp Fiction, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Tom & Jerry :D, The Wall, Charlie Chaplin, Al Houdoud (Syrian Movie)


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I'm also a Couchsurfing memebre since a long time but as Couchsurfing became a profit organisation now and looking to monopolize the concept with google. I really encourage you to send me request by <<< www.bewelcome.org >>> and if you just started here i will be so glad to be your first host ))

About my couch:
I share with other room mates an apartment in the center of Brussels (near to pl. Stephanie, 1060 St. Gilles). I can host you for one, two or three days and even for hours. I don't mind neither to help you when you are looking for a place to leave your luggage if you were just passing by Brussels. In simple words: no problem to consider it as a "free hostel" (services are not included). I believe in solidarity more than the charity, so no need to thank me neither (if you want to show some gratitude, be one of few who put a reference instead!) i know that most of guests (apart they don't leave references) they do care about the "couch" more than the "host"! The idea is: Many people in helped me before and I believe in the concept.

I drink socially, i smoke cigarettes and other stuff occasionally. In fact, i'm expecting from you to be RESPECTFUL and CLEAN . Also, i think you are here to visit the city not to spend your day in my place ))
PS. Animals are not welcome.

Last minute requests are welcome when it's possible. I don't mind if you send me a copy/paste email or if you don't make a "PHD" research about my profile. And no need to tell me in the request that "I'm a great guitar player" or "I look an awesome person"...ect 1. I know my musical quality/defect more than you 2. Don't worry, i don't mind at all to host people who have nothing in common with me.

After replying to you, please try to confirm to me as soon as possible (For the respect to many couch-surfers who are looking to visit Brussels at the same time as you!).

It is not always guarantee because I'm so busy and because I have room mates too.

Probably you gonna have nice moments in our place and enjoy the company of other room mates, maybe go out together to the city center or even better if we have a party or a gig in a bar ... ect "BUT" if it wasn't case don't leave a stupid reference to criticize the fact we didn't have time to share
together!!! "IT'S NOT MY MISSION TO MAKE YOU HAVE FUN" Common! You are looking for a free accommodation like 99% of people in this site (including me) so try to be grateful for a bit!

Ps. We'll share the same place but i'll offer you your own mattress (double if you are a couple) and your blanket.

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