About me

About me:
Another CS-refugee, still believing in the goodness of members while disapproving the moneyhunt it turned out to be.
According my philosophy "Give me the calmness to bear the things i cannot change, the bravery to change the things i can change and the wisdom to part one from the other" I see I have poor chances to change mind in cs-heads, too busy counting money, but I feel free to move ahead to here and in case this happens here again, just move on and on and on...

see cs-profile with refferences here: http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/mutabor/

About Berlin:
What´s on:
www.berlin.de (link to a nice citymap)

Shoestring and Low-Budget:
www.berlin-umsonst.de (only in german)

Public transport: www.bvg.de
 do sightseeing-bustours for price of a single-ride ticket: hop on a bus 100 or 200 (Alexanderplatz <> Zoologischer Garten)

get around by bike:

Rent a bike: among many others:
and specially for CS/BW members:

just a very few clubs and bars (not all my cup of tea, but find out yourself..):
www.festsaal-kreuzberg.de unfortunately burned down Jun 2013 :(

Museums, to name just a few:
Tip-based: www.alternativeberlin.com
www.newberlintours.com (starts every day at 11am in front of Starbucks on Brandeburger Gate, several languages offered. No reservation needed, but show up in time. Duration about 3,5hrs, tipps are payed afterwards).

Underground and Bunker tours: www.berliner-unterwelten.de

Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Spanish Beginner
  • Turkish Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Independent mind, wondering the world and the seven seas. Rather a strolling cat than a good dog. In love with life. Preferring days offroad to days online, surfing couches, floors, hammocks, riverbanks, houseboats, bathtubes....whatever whereever. Like fluffy clouds and waving grass. To live happy. To die happy. More german than I´d ever admit, but don´t like beer. Rarely ever drink alcohol as I get drunk from life itself.
Addicted to outdoor-activities, pirate stuff, sunflowers, Speculoos-cream and Norwegian cheese.
Like to discuss the sense and nonsense of life and keep silent a day and a night if nothing´s to say.

Love big city lights and sometimes even clubbing beats, but as well silence, nature and urban gardens. Fail growing veggies on my balcony, kill all plants I have around.

Tend to fail my own demands, attend a fair-labour-demonstration wearing nikes, going for reginal food and comming home with a mango, telling you to live your dreams when myself feel stuck in a nightmare. I´m not a Saint, God knows and the Devil is his witness and I believe in neither of them..

My humor is as black as my soul and lights up bad times. I´ll step on your feet, so be prepared and move your ass.

I know life´s not a ponyfarm, might end all of a sudden, without warning and way too early... but think scars tell mainly their owner has survived. I´m grateful to see myself mainly on the sunny side of life - call me naive, call me lucky, call me optimistic, call me resilient, call me nothing, decide yourself.

I want to learn sth new every day, I think thats what we have our brain for and because that very brain gives me loads of dopamin when taking on a challenge- a new word in a new language, a skill, a dance, a trick, a phrase, a recipie, a point of view...

Might sound arrogant, but as i earn just enough money to make my living and travel lowbudget, beyond this i don´t give much on material things- I´m deeply in love with my bike and no Porsche could make me more happy. I prefere producing ideas to consuming stuff. As anyway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GorqroigqM

When travelling, I want to get into contact with local ppl, their way of life and experiencing, their opinions, questions, tabu-questions, way of thinking and judging, of believing and non-believing, their habbits and food. Rather step the sideways. Avoid tourist routes and consider shopping a waste of lifetime. Love to take a deep breath in the nature, don´t need to see or talk to anyone for days in a row but get nervous after 1hr of sunbathing.

And well, usually I don´t talk that much about myself and I´m rather a listener.If choosing to be around me, beeter be comfortable with not talking even for hour. It´s not about you, I am often just very silent.

Philospohy: Give me the calmness to bear the things i cannot change, the bravery to change the things i can change and the wisdom to part one from the other.
- It´s a prayer, but I´m not a religious person.

Well, basically everyone at the first glance. It´s uopn you too keep the credit. Ppl NOT selling out their values for money, pride or anything else.
Ppl who use their brain, trust their gut and listen to their heart. Who don´t let others tell them how and who they should be, what they have to buy and to think. Who make use of their talents and ideas, who live for the moment and create for generations. Who think global and act local. Who have an own opinion and know why and why they keep it. Who see what is there and ask "why?", who imagine what is not ehre and ask "why not?", who say what they mean and mean what they say, who step aside and find their own way, who go and DO sth instead of posting moans about how mean the world is on facebook. Who dance in the summerrain and sing in the snow. Who less pretend and more are. Who accept their dark sides and wishes, who share their strenghts and knowledge, their dreams, truths and failures. Who live offline and real and not fake and on facebook.
Who are who they are and strive to become wo they want to be and not what others want them to be or become: http://www.kraftfuttermischwerk.de/blogg/das-einhorn-als-schoenheitsideal-fuer-nashoerner-gifd/

My sandboxmates, my granny-for-rent (may her R.I.P.), the Tchibo-lady in my hometown, Gandhi, and yes, my former boss from my beloved island.

>> Don´t eat cotton candy in the rain.

>> Don´t be afraid to demage your brain by using it. Be afraid to get demaged when not to.

>> same goes for your physical abilities. You have a body to move it.

>> by using oney brain, things like this might occur: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1y8N0ePuF8

>> Dare to think, to ask the right questions and the wrong ones, the who, why, when, where and how; wonder which answers are not given and what the answers want to hide and who pays the person infront of the micro and behind.

>>"because I like your profile/you seem to be interesting/I really like what you write" is NOT personal requesting but inhonest nonsense offending your hosts intelligence. Such requests don´t read " I wanna stay at YOUR place", but " I wanna stay at your PLACE". So just have some balls, boys, and grips, girls, be honest and just tell so.

>> Don´t name your kid Kevin, Dennis, Justin, Chantalle or Jaqueline in germany (or austria or switzerland) unless you really wanna fuck up it up from the very beginning.

>> Time heals wounds and wonders.

>> There´s no second chance for a first impression.

>> Better be yourself. There are enoug others.

>> You can get used to pretty much everything, wether good or bad.

>> Evolution did not want you to be happy, but to want to be happy.

>> Beside I can teach you some stuff about your brain, your psych/soul/spirit/fillinhowyouwannacallit; under what conditions money makes you happy, why more money doesn´t make your more happy, why it might make you unhappy, what might be needed to be really more happy and alike. But dear, all theory is grey, the rainbowcoloured happiness is out there, you practicaly have to catch it yourself :). I can teach you some german grannystyle recipies as well as cook them. I hope I can do and teach and share more, but right now I´m too tired to remember.

>> www.lebensmittelretten. de : official version of dumbster diving // www. foodsharing.de to deliver the saved food further on www.warmshowers.org for all long distance bikers, relaxingly little profile-showoff over there. http://www.fairleihen.de/ in case you need a thrilling machine, but don´t wanna buy one...

your story, your countries strory, it´s politics, the money, the mafia, the lobby, the psychology behind those politics, your religion, your non-religion, your recipies for food, life, love and lovesickness, your language (esp. turkish, french, italian, mandarin, sign-language (american), polish, russian, kantonese, spanish, arabic ....), your sight of my blind spots, your music, your dances, your partys, your silent places, your books, your films, your passions.

artistics, build a boat, build a house, occupy (houses, banks, my neighbous terrace), parkour,herbal medicine, how to become a dictator, how to live in inner peace, how to live in outer peace, how to combine the two latter, propaganda, lipreading, capoeira, navigate by sun and stars, survive in the desert/jungle/mountains/lonely island/shoppingmall, gardening, urban gardening, ecofarming, sustainability, biking the globe, sailing the globe, living in a trailer/houseboat, patience, understanding my boss, boxing, sewing, yoga, meditation, joggling, walking on water, singing, manipulation, fishing, ice-fishing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, salto, auerbach salto, quick-turn swimming, knitting, astronomy, astrology, inliner-pirouette, miracle-healing, riding a camel, horsewhispering, moneyprinting, living without money, taming a bear, taming a baby, shareconomy, upcycling, riding an elphant, catching a crocodile, live forever, live the moment, playing guitar/ukulele/cajon/swiss harp/chess, horebackriding, flying, fly-fishing, mindreading, mapreading, telepathy, telekinesis, magic, to be continued.
Thx in advance for your effort!!


Anything that makes me laugh or think. Music that makes me shiver, cry, smile, jump or shake - the soundtrack of my live covers a big range from "alhambra" to "zappa", current and partly everlasting top include "bittersweet symphony", "pour adeline", "Rückenwind", "nevermind", "theme from the ocean", "Serenata Notturna", "leaving on a jetplane", "en la muelle de San Blas", "westerland", "Selfesteem", "Hey, Pipi Langstrumpf", "Mondscheinsonate", "Phantom of the opera", "New test lepper", "Chasing cars", "guents de la rincon", "Hello", "Gedanken über das Meer", "Man on the moon" andonandonandon - well, in some cases I didn´t chose the soundtrack, it just happend to be played on remarkable moments. And yes, I DO like the omnipresent Berlin electro-soundtrack. I have earwigs every waking minute and sometimes also when I´m sleeping, so I´m singing and whistling on any reasonable or unreasonable occasion. I´m stilll a horrible singer, though :)
Bookwise and flimwise - mainly they have to make me feel with or think about the story. Pbbly always in the top-list: "Momo", "Neverending Story", "Animal Farm", "Catcher in the Rye", "Mort" and its companions from Disc World, "Lord of the Flies", "The Milgrim experiment", "The Stanford prison experiment", "Knocking on Heavens Door", "Cruel intentions","Shawshank redemption"; "Italienisch für Anfänger", "Lola rennt", "Good by Lenin", "American Beauty"...

Organisations I belong to:

I know it´s a poor excuse to tell I´m lacking time, I know its the time you don´t take, not the time you don´t have... I used to be very active on foodsharing/fooddsaving , but nowaday tahts rather random. sometimes means there´s higthere´s still a chance of free food at my place.
Movement culture - besides training almost every day, I am keen to not live a sedentary lifestyle (btw there´s no table at my place to sit at, you´ll have to sit on the floor).
Beside, Itry to at least support morraly and financially for campains and projects organizations like Amnesty, Lobbycontrol, Medecins sans Frontieres... and start volunteering here :).

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Lived in: Germany,Ccanada/Newfundland, Venezuela, South Africa.
Travelled: Germany, USA/West Coast+Canyons, Canada, Iceland, Finland/Helsinki, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Venezuela, Fuerteventura, La Reunion, Mauritius, Lesotho, Mosambique,South Africa, Italy, France/Lille, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Austria, UK, Kroatia, Slowakia, Bulgaria, Romaia, Turkey/Istanbul, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia/St. Petersburg+Kaliningrad

Planned trips:

Georgia, more of Russia, Jemen, Ireland, Faröer Islands, Cap Verde, Egypt, Iran, Albania, Belarus, Ukraine, Kosovo, Montenegro, Mazedonia, Brasil, Moon and everywhere else.

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

2 days/nights

I Live With:

lot of sunshine in my heart ;) and sometomes one or several friends around.

Please bring:

Yourself, a smile, another smile, tolerance to plasic flower decoration, enough common mind to survive without me beeing your nanny, ability to climb up to the 5th floor without elevator.

I can offer my guests:

Just move to a new place so accomodation is a bit basic - couch in the living room, maybe separate room with a single airbed available.
I live in the area of "Neukölln", some years ago in few mainstream-picking travelguides posted as a "No-Go"-area for the police, now compeeting with its neighbours Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain for highscores in amount of alternative bars, underground-pop-up-clubs, ecological restaurants and hipsters. Just around the corner you find everything you need or you might think you need - a huge park, an abandoned airport, several tiny 24/7 Spätis, big shoppingmalls, smoky second-hand-boutique-cafés, several discounters, turkish/arabic/bulgarian/chinese.... foodstores, 2 metro- and several buslines and colourfull streets with colourfull ppl to just strol around and watch the cinema of life happeing around you.

I preferre hosting solo travellers, ppbly because I guess they tend to be more keen into meeting new ppl - including their hosts. However you´ll b e sleeping on a sofabed that in emergency can take 2 ppl if they don´t mind getting cosy. Feel free to pick my campingmat + sleepingbag if you don´t like spontaneous teaspooning from cosurfers or just escape on the balcony (or lock your cosurfers there ...).
If you are more than 2 (or more than 3 if 2 are ok to share the couch) u´ll have to bring your own sleeping stuff (at least surface).
You might have to sleep in the living room which has open access to kitchen area, so privacy is limited and it will get busy in the morning with me having breakfast, including ometimes on weekends as I work on a 7 day/week schedule. I have a quite fucked up circadiane rhythmy from working shifts so its hard to say what time i go to sleep/get up but all together I´m not that much of a party person and if i stay up late it´s wiether due to work or to long talks with old or new friends. Learned to appreciate those moments much more than noiy parties but nevertheless enjoy a night or two out dancing and jumping too.

No spare keys as i don´t have any, meanging once you leave the flat you´ll have to wait for me coming back, which could be the next morning when I´m on nightshift.

I can offer my hosts:

Carrying lot of sunshine and laughter around, sharing stories of lives ups and downs, teach the languages I pick up on my restelss travel, cook dumplings by recipie from my granny.for.rent...list to be continued!, just ask!
NOT offering any sexual interferrences with hosts or surfers, if you are after that, feel free to look for another host and refuse my request or even better, use apps and webites decdicated to it and don´t spam here. Enough dating sides offering excellent partners for any fun struff you are up for, so please don´t bother me. You´ll regret.

Public transport:

2 Metrolines, several busses and nightbus stopping within few min walking distance

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

You are free to smoke outside, which means all 5 floors down. Just to test if your lungs still make that, otherwise I recommend quitting.
If you wanna do drugs, seach for another host.

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