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About me

We are a couple from the planet Earth. Marta was born in Poland, and I (Joe) was born in Chicago; which is where we met. We are completely bored and disallusioned with the USA, so we left in search of a happier place to spend our time.

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • Polish Fluent

My interests


Exploring | Learning | Acivism/Direct Action | Hacking | Liberation | Solidarity | Exchanging Information | Cooking | Skipping ...


Hunter S. Thompson | Tom Robbins | Howard Zinn | Noam Chomsky | Nick Blinko ...


Punk | Folk Punk | Hip Hop | Ska ...


Documentaries | Low Budget | Sub Titled | Pirated ...

Travel experiences

Past trips:

All over the USA | Netherlands | France | Spain | Germany | Austria | Czech | Slovakia | Poland | Switzerland

Planned trips:

We plan to pass through the dimension of time at the speed of light.

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alternative ways of living, consuming...

Trying our hardest to live free. Let's exchange ideas!



People don't need to be controlled, governments do.

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