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About me

Stay-at-home dad. Passionate teacher of mathematics. Alter-globalization utopian. Coordinator of the local newspaper Entrée Libre. Want to juggle five balls. Dancing crazy is fun!

Spoken languages

  • French Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Spanish Beginner

My interests


running, juggling, outdoor play, bike

mathematics, philosophy (Albert Camus, Friedrich Nietzsche, David Henry Thoreau), politics (Noam Chomsky, Francis Dupuis-Déry)

discoveries and experiences, meeting other travellers around the world and at home

slam poetry (slamille Sherbrooke), wabi-sabi (beauty of the imperfect, incomplete, ephemeral), literature (see below), music (see below), cinema (see below)


A People's History of the United States (Howard Zinn), L'étranger (Albert Camus), La Désobéissance civile (Henry David Thoreau), La ferme des animaux (George Orwell), Le gai savoir (Friedrich Nietzsche), Les Fourmis (Bernard Werber), Noam Chomsky, Franz Kafka


aKido, Aventura, Bénabar, Bad Religion, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Foo Fighters, Gilles Vigneault, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Jean-François Lessard, Jean Leloup, King Crimson, Les Cowboys Fringants, Les Trois Accords, Miles Davis, Olivier Brousseau, Pépé et sa guitare, Radiohead, Richard Desjardins, The Arcade Fire, The Beatles, The Clash, The Strokes, The Velvet Underground, Tryo, Vincent Vallières, Vulgaires Machins, Weezer


Annie Hall, American Beauty, American History X, City Light, Crazy, Duck Soup, Forrest Gump, It's a Wonderful Life, Kill Bill, La guerre des tuques, Le déclin de l'empire américain, Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulin, On the Waterfront, Platoon, The Fourth World War, The Rules of Attraction, To Kill a Mockingbird, Trainspotting

Organisations I belong to:

Journal Entrée Libre
Québec solidaire

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Dominican Republic (2011)
Five years later.

Guatemala (2008)
Participation at the Social Forum of the Americas.

United States (2007)
Road trip.

Dominican Republic (2006)
International cooperation.

Paris, France (2002)
Mathematics competitions.

Planned trips:

None for the moment.

Belongs to the following groups


Bewelcome Families

I have 3 kids and I want to introduce them to our World and the beautiful people who inhabit it.



Je souhaite promouvoir beWelcome à Sherbrooke (Québec).

I would like to promote beWelcome at Sherbrooke (Québec, Canada).



Je souhaite contribuer à la traduction du site en français.

I hope to help with the translation of the website in french.

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

There is non maximum length of stay, depending of who you are.

I Live With:

My girlfriend Julie and our three children: Manuel (decembre 2007) Alexane (September 2009) and Noam (September 2009).

Please bring:

Your toothbrush and your positive energy.

I can offer my guests:

Full access to the apartment and its amenities (shower, fridge, oven, etc..), A mattress and drapery.

I can offer my hosts:


Public transport:

Several bus lines serve my neighborhood. Learn about the site of the bus schedule on the website of the «Société des transports de Sherbrooke».

House Rules:
No smoking.

No pets unfortunately because of my allergies.

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