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About me

so I'm Stove...The only really important things I wish to point out are these:
I'll try anything (which does not involve breaking skin) twice
I have a healthy disdain for legal systems and governments
I was, once, a professional engineer
I am rarely in a hurry- this is perfect for hitch-hiking
I will come to your home and fix things, even if they are not broken.

Odds are, no matter who you are and what you think, I can find things that we agree on. Conversely, I can find things which we will never agree on. That suits me fine, as it makes for some awesome conversations.

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • Spanish Intermediate
  • French Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Hitch-hiking, Trainhopping, Urbex, Squatting, Cooking, Engineering, Improvisation, Sharing, Teaching, Learning, Helping, Non-violent active resistance, camping, trekking, climbing, exploring.


FM71-26, Cryptonomicron, North American Edible Plants Field Guide, all sorts of scifi and fantasy...


Anything, especially live and/or improvisational.


Skipping Waste, Better this world, Grass: a history of marijuana, The Corporation, Into Thin Air, Touching the Void, The Perfect Storm, The Guardian, Real Genius

Organisations I belong to:


Travel experiences

Past trips:

In short...
Europe 2007 (Eurail)
Europe 2008 (Start of hitch-hiking)
PCT 2009 (a few hundred miles)
Europe 2009 (For 7/8/9)
Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore 2010
Europe 2010 (For 5/8/10)

I've been traveling since 2007, with a break for an engineering job for 8 months in Vermont. If you want more info, ask.

Planned trips:

The rest of the world, plus returning to those places I've been to see friends and make new ones.


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

You'll get sick of me faster than I'll get sick of you

I Live With:

My folks, when back in CT...

Please bring:

Camping gear.

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

To loan: Tents, sleeping bag, pads, hammocks, tarps, cooking gear, stove, water filters, laptop, backpacks, a bike (sometimes), a van (once repaired)

To have: Books. Mostly scifi fantasy stuff, but occasionally political/polifiction etc. Good Food. Clothes (I can always get more).

I can offer my hosts:

Education on how things work, especially anything electronic and/or computer-based, cooking skills, firemaking, shelter building, weapon and basic survival toolmaking, basic tracking, how to hide a shelter in plain sight.

Public transport:

Metro North trains into NYC are 2 miles away (55min ride to Grand Central) $8 or so.

House Rules:
No smoking.

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