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About me

Howdy guys, I'm Steve, getting a bit fed up with Couchsurfing, but still love sharing culture, experiences, good times and all that jazz, so decided to give BeWelcome a shot.

For the past 4 years or so (with some breaks), I've been on a long bicycle trip, started in Singapore, across Asia, rambling around Europe, and now wrapped up in Ireland.

Figuring out what to do next, as we speak. Inspired by folks I met during my travels, I'm fixing to try lots of different things and places.

While I'm traveling (or really anywhere, even if I've lived there for years), I like to get immersed in the local culture, people, food/drink, music, history, alternative/underground scene, etc., rather then just float through as an observer/outsider/tourist

Before starting the bike journey, I was a mechanical engineer, but got tired of that, wanted to see the world, meet lots of interesting people, and find alternative ways of living, so that's what I'm trying to do these days...

I've been on Couchsurfing quite a few years, and used that pretty extensively, as well as Warm Showers (like Couchsurfing specifically for traveling cyclists). Now, just getting more into BeWelcome, so if you want to check out a more complete profile, with lots of references, here ya go:

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • Spanish Beginner
  • Italian Beginner
  • Czech Can only say Welcome!

My interests


biking, live music, urban farming/gardening, cooking, learning about woodworking, blacksmithing, traditional/eco-building methods, dry stone wall construction, communal/alternative ways of living, etc...


bluegrass, folk, reggae, blues, all types of lively brass (New Orleans, gypsy, balkan, big band, etc), punk/ska, old school real country, socially conscious hiphop (ala Tribe Called Quest, Arrested Development, Deltron 3030...), and so on, pretty much anything, not much into pop, new country, electronic

Travel experiences

Past trips:

traveling for work around the US and Europe, backpacking around Europe, bicycling across Asia and all around Europe...

Planned trips:

to the moon ;)


yes, i can host
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Traveling at the moment, so sorry can't host y'all. But once I settle down, I'd love to...