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Noodengr Kevin anytime

About me

Avid traveler who enjoys meeting others with the same passion to see the world.
Since I can't be traveling year round I enjoy hosting folks at my home.
I am an active member of Warmshowers.org a website geared for ( no pun intended ) for long distant bicyclist. Have hosted around 100 pedalers in the past 6 riding seasons. Looking forward to hosting folks who arrive by other means of transportation
You might have noticed that I am a member of the clothing optional groups on here, just so you non nudist hosts know I will gladly stay clothed while staying at your place.

Spoken languages

  • English Expert

My interests


travel worldwide anywhere preparing a home cooked meal for my guests.
so let me know what you are hungry for and also dietary restrictions
I can cater to vegetarians


adventure travel , political thrillers, a bit of everything. Have a running list which was started in 1976 of the books I have read.


talent ? none but enjoy it. will have some local groups featured while we eat a meal.


most everything but English period pieces and horror.

Organisations I belong to:

Indiana Naturist, other than that not much of a joiner.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

my most recent trip took me around the world. The major stop was Indochina for a month long tour. Istanbul, Singapore, Hong Kong, Honolulu, and N California S Oregon, broke up the long flights.
I will put it this way, when we walked into Cambodia, my country count caught up with the age, so you do not want to read the list.

Planned trips:

Next up Central America. Going to explore all 7 countries in just over a month's time. Good way to escape Indiana winter.

Belongs to the following groups


Clothing optional

Pretty much live nude and enjoy hosting folks that also are comfortable sans clothing. BUT will host textiles and keep my clothes on if they are more comfortable with that. I have used this philosophy with Warmshowers.org for years and it has worked well. Looking forward to hosting fellow travelers whatever their covering choice is


Massage exchange and networking

love to have touch in my life. as a single guy real touch is limited and massage is a great way to enjoy it


Naked Sleepers

been sleeping nude since i was a teen and continue to do so even when i have house guests.

Show all groups


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

1 or 2 days is fine

I Live With:

solo no pets inside

Please bring:

a willingness to share a travel tale or two. I have a guest with bedding and a sleeper sofa too in the living room. each full size so other than personal toiletries I am set to host guests.

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

a home cooked meal. A rainfall shower, a hot tub to soak in while we trade stories comfortable rural set home

I can offer my hosts:

an easy going guy who has a story or two to share.

Other information for guests:

If you decode my email address you can figure out two things about me.
One engr is my profession Engineer. Two. nood = means i am an avid nudist. Generally do not wear clothes around home. BUT I do not want anyone to skip staying here because of that. So if you are uncomfortable with me being nude, please let me know. i will wear shorts while you are around. I do try to keep the hot tub free of any fabrics due to the soap residue in that any cloth leaves behind so if you want to soak plan on soaking in your birthday suit. For the record my Warmshower.org guests have been fine with this arrangement.
When I am a guest I will keep my clothes on in your home. So no worries about that.

Public transport:

nope out in the boonies here.

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

With Warmshowers.org I have one stated rule. " Make yourself at home."
So far have not regretted just having one rule. if you do smoke i ask that you wander the yard to do that and be responsible with your butts.

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