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About me

Hmmm, young nice guy who lives 20 minutes from center of city. I like to travel, to be free and to share with people. I hope to meet people who can teach me something, or want to learn something from me.

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • Bosnian Mother Tongue
  • Croatian Mother Tongue

My interests


Bike is my transport device, so I can`t call it hobby right?
I like to cook, and I do it very much, I never made 2 same dishes it`s always improvisation.
I like to hitchhike, for me it is not just a sort of free transport. It`s a therapy, for me or for driver depends who need it. Sometime I hitchhike just because I need to relax, I take road to my home town and don`t think about time or if anyone will stop.


I can`t just sat specific writers or titles... I like to read books that people suggest me. I`m not some fan of love novels, I like something that will make you think.


Aaaa, the hardest one. Lets try it like this:
Type O Negative
Jimmy Hendrix
The Doors
Chris Clark
Kanda Kodža i Nebojša

Again it depends on my mood. :D

Organisations I belong to:

I`m member of one activist kitchen!

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Lot of local traveling, hitchhiking through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, France, Turkey, Romania...

Planned trips:

I`m planing one year of traveling, just backpack, my diabolo and myself. In that trip I will find way how I want to live and place where I want to live and I will meet all the people that I met on my travelings. It will happen in year or two.

Belongs to the following groups


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

it depends on you, my schedule and lot of things.

I Live With:

I live in my parents house in separate room with my brother. Usually not everybody are home so there is space for more people to sleep.

Please bring:

Bring your stores from the road! I have pillows and blankets. ;)

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

Bed, place on floor for sleeping, food, water, maybe some Serbian rakija, company in city, nice alternative tour through city.

I can offer my hosts:

Smile, funny stories, tips and tricks, utopia thoughts, hand made bread (if you have oven), nice hunter diner (what we catch in the fridge), massage (i`m pretty good at it) and lot more...

Other information for guests:

Depends on how many people is already in the house you will sleep on bed, couch, madras or floor. Don`t worry we will fit somehow. ;)

Public transport:

It`s very easy, I will explain you in the message.

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