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Pretty much like a complex mixture if it's related to my character .basically ,i would say i am quite amiable ,genial,easygoing,outgoing to be around ,always trying the best to be straightforward , honest with myself and others ,so sometimes it probably would turns into abrasive side of me . besides , somehow i'm that type of person with self-destructive tendencies which seems the way i was born with

My little life-experience told me the plans always step behind the changes.so i am always moment-to-moment ,flying by the seat of my pants for me is just naturally being flexible !

speaking of my so-called dream. i just figure out one is to set up a special hostel which would create a slightly perfect combination between couchsurfing and hostelling or whatever could reach a hand to others ...

Spoken languages

  • Chinese (Simplified) Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate

My interests


movies , wandering around ,meet people , good stories


one hundred year of solitude


Janis joplin ,Patti smith ,Radiohead,beatles ...


days of being wild ,too much , let's talk about that

Organisations I belong to:

always like NGO

Travel experiences

Past trips:

china(mostly),Thailand ,Laos,

Planned trips:



Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

it depends

I Live With:

by my self

Please bring:

sleeping bag (would be better),matress

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour.

a room to share with me

I can offer my hosts:

stories,little gift, experience

Public transport:

subway station is 5 minutes walk (window of the world )

House Rules:

flexible here!

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