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About me

Laura: A straightforward, down to earth person, sometimes too serious and lack of sense of humour. Mostly left brain storming. Love self-discovery by reading, conversation, daily life and traveling as a individual backpacker. Wanna learn about LOVE for lifelong. Starting from eating no meat, being respectful, generous and patient to people and animals in order to get rid of the selfish part of herself. learning to execute it and teaching by example for her students and child.

Vernon: in contrary to Laura - creative, humorous, and has tons of crazy ideas. Mostly right brain storming. So he might forget keys or wallet somewhere, or throw personal belongings everywhere. He loves gourmets and can hardly say goodbye to meat till now. Good for him that he eats less and less meat after marrying Laura. Because his wife can make delicious vegetarian meals for the family. Very talkative, love all kinds of conversation. If you feel he is quiet, that is because he doesn't follow our topic in English. Please speak slowly. Snoring when sleeping, you've been warned. Haha!

Channing: Born in 4th of Nov, 2008. (We do really want to meet families with kids in similiar age! Come and be our guest!) He loves ABC songs, 123 songs, singing all day long. Fan of lightening Mcqueen and excavators. love swing, seesaw, slide, running, kicking balls, and bricks.. Can be active as well as silently sitting on the floor or at the desk, reading books, playing stickers or drawing with crayons on the paper even on the wall.

PinYu: We finally got our second baby in Feb, 2015! We will soon head off Canada in July. By then she will be 5 months old. This will be the little one's first trip and she will be one of the little couchsurfers that your home will have!

Spoken languages

  • Chinese (Traditional) Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate

My interests


We like outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain climbing and cycling. Now our kids are small so we tend to go camping. Interested in hiking in TW? Here are some useful links: http://hikingtaiwan.wordpress.com/ http://www.taiwan-adventures.com/ http://www.taiwanese-secrets.com/hehuanshan-taiwan.html

We love cooking, both traditional Taiwanese cuisine as well as Spaghetti or pizza in our own way. We love to invite friends or CS guests to have dinner with us. Also Taiwan is praised as the paradise of food, come and check out the delicious food you can have in Taiwan: http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/eat/40-taiwanese-food-296093?page=0,3


Mostly about parenting now!


We used to love jazz a lot, but after we have kids, we usually play classic music for our baby daughter. My son loves songs to chant. Actually our CD players are mostly occupied by my kids.


Same with music, now we can only watch Ironman series, transformer, big hero, frozen....kids' movies.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

I've been to England, New Zealand, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Kenya, Tanzania and 10+ European countries before.
We start to couchsurf in 2011,
Europe in 2011 surfing 20+ families in two months, one of our best family trip!
California in 2013, surfing 6 families in 3 weeks! Great, too!

Planned trips:

Upcoming trip will be in July and August in 2015 in west Canada, mainly in Vancouver and Rocky Mountain then downward to Seattle.

Belongs to the following groups


Home education travels

That's my dream for my lovely kids!


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

If you are a family with kids or you love to hang out with my kids, you are welcome to stay up to 1 week.

I Live With:

Husband, Vernon and two kids, boy Channing born in 2008 and girl Pin-Yu in 2015.

Please bring:

Your tenderness to hangout with our kids. Interesting souveniors with stories to tell for our kids from your country or somewhere in your journey. We'd love our kids to get to know the world through your experience.

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

We have an ensuited guest room with a queen-size bed. Or a kid's room if my son is happy to let you stay in.
You can cook in our kitchen as long as you can take care of the cleaning after cooking. You can also put your food in our fridge.

Wireless internet, washing machine, dryer are free to use upon request.

In order to avoid extra cleaning work after you leave, I'd like you to use your own sleeping bag or linens. But if it is not convenient for you, we still have linens, pillows and towels for guests to use.

We live in a community-based apartment. There are several indoor facilities that you are free to use : gym, swimming pool, sunna, half basketball court ( for kids to play soccer too) yoga room with regular courses to take, xbox for kids to play together.

I can offer my hosts:

Nice Taiwanese cuisine to taste.
Good oolong tea from Taiwan.
Traveling experiences to share.

Public transport:

Direct bus to and from the airport or big cities just 5 minute walk away from our apartment.

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

My baby daughter sleeps at 9 pm, please be quite after that and excuse me my obsent by then. My son would love your companion after dinner time, please play with him or read him stories in the kid's room or go use our community facilities with him. It's a way to boost his English comprehension while he's playing. On week day my son's bed time is 9:00pm, too because he will need to get up at 6:40 and arrive school at 7:30 the next morning while on the weekend he can go to bed late.

I'd appreciate if you help with simple house work as this is your home in Taiwan.

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