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About me

After hitchhiking across Poland and half Western-Europe I decided to open my home for other travelers last year, and I learned that it can be almost as enjoyable as being on the move myself... I've already hosted over 30 people in my home, please have a look at my couchsurfing profile and reviews!

I'm a laid-back person who likes all-night-long chats with a beer in the hand rather than crazy parties. My most memorable impressions from any trips I've done are the people I've met. I love getting to know new folks, learning about new ideas, different aspects of life inspire me.

So, come and inspire me! I've got a spare mattress and a piece of my life to share with you, to start with.

Spoken languages

  • Hungarian Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • German Fluent
  • Spanish Intermediate


never ask
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

I'd say two nights, but more is also negotiable... depends on lots of things, mostly on my current schedule, how cool you are, how many of you are, and also my mood. :-)

I Live With:

Two flatmates in the big room, the small one's mine! There's also a little kitty living with us, so in case you're allergic to cats please let me know!

Please bring:

Your sleeping bag!

I can offer my guests:

A spare mattress or my couch to sleep on, and a piece of my life to share.

Other information for guests:

Because of the small space I can host only one person under comfortable circumstances. For two it works only if you share the mattress, but for that you'll have to squeeze yourself a little bit together...

Public transport:

Very good, city center is 10 minutes by bus, train station is 20. You can reach any parts of the city by commuting very easily, but you can also just walk...

House Rules:
No smoking.

Smile! And be respectful.