Picture of Kashtin

Kashtin Stephen :D anytime

About me

I spend all of my free time with my guests on roadtrips and adventures. We hike the Chilkoot Trail, cross the Arctic Circle, bike and tent, sometimes in the snow!

Lately I have been busy with guests who are looking for employment and sponsorship in Whitehorse, so they can stay longer in Canada or immigrate.

If I do have any spare time I study law.

I have hosted 240 guests through CouchSurfing and other sites as of October 2017.

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue

My interests


Driving, driving, driving and roadtrips. I can't keep still.

Exploring parts of Yukon and Alaska I have never seen before and discovering new sights for my guests.


Law books


Valdy, Kashtin & Ian Tyson, Classic 70's Rock


Matrix, Terminator, X-files, Star Trek

Organisations I belong to:

CouchSurfing, Workaway

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Climbed the Chilkoot Trail (7x).

Challenged the Atlin Warm Springs on a -27C (-16F) night, below the dancing Northern lights

Crossed the Arctic Circle 4x

Planned trips:

Mostly Kluane, Skagway or Atlin.

Sometimes overnight roadtrips to places like Dawson City, Dempster Highway, Haines Alaska and Liard Hot Springs.


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

I host lots of Workaway Workers who stay for one month minimum, but I can sometimes squeeze one person in for a few days or a week.

A month or longer may be possible, even a roommate, if you book early enough.

My Workaway offerings are very popular, so I am usually booked full a year in advance, but don't be afraid to request.

I Live With:

I am always hosting 2 - 3 female Workaway Workers, so I usually only accept female guests.

I am willing to consider offering a tenting spot or room on the lower level for a couple.

Please bring:

Enthusiasm and be ready for adventures.

Bring or borrow a towel, there is always skinny dipping in the lake or warm springs! :D

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour.

There is only one large heated room with four beds distributed around this temporary living space. I am always hosting Wwoofers or long term roommates, but most times I can offer a single bed, cot or there's plenty of mattresses to throw down.

Other information for guests:

Many times I can offer hiking or day trips to Kluane, Skagway or Atlin. Be one of the brave and challenge the Atlin Warm Springs!! Or try a dip in the cold lake!!!

After 240 guests and 1,250,000 kms in 5 years, I am road-weary, broke and my van is wearing out, so overnight roadtrips to places like Dawson City, Dempster Highway, Haines Alaska and Liard Hot Springs will no longer be freely offered, but we can work with other guests to still make a roadtrip happen.

Public transport:

There is no public transport here.

I live in the small community of Tagish, near the enormous lake. Although it is about 1:15 hr drive from Whitehorse, don't let this make you think that you won't get to see or experience Whitehorse. On the contrary, most times I can provide you transportation to and from Whitehorse, but there's plenty to experience in Tagish too.

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

If you are coming to experience Yukon, it is a large place with many sights and adventures, so please plan on at least a week to get a small taste of this amazing place.