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About me

Hitchhiking because I'm too lazy to walk and too lazy to fight visas for bicycling yet. Never found a one thing to study or work, so kind of ended up in this depressed loophole of either doing nothing or doing it all. And to do it all travelling by hitching rides and staying and helping locals out with their lifes has worked best.
Lately I have had really problems to find interesting people through CS while it's going big and making me feel just stupid to write requests to these people looking for hookups or saving the world by helping with place to stay. I'm myself just looking to be welcomed and to welcome people with my best hospitality.

Spoken languages

  • Finnish Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Swedish Intermediate
  • Tagalog Beginner

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Philippines 6month, China 3month, Kyrgyzstan 1,5month, finland-marocco-finland hitch

Planned trips:

romania to philippines hitch/cycling


Max number of guests:
I Live With:

manfred, roommate

Please bring:


Other information for guests:

living in heart of old town cluj napoca

House Rules:
No smoking.