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About me

I still don´t know my borders of open mindness but I want to travel through live till I´ve bumping against them. Than I will take a deep breath and jump over the border to see what lying behind and if I need the border.

I am silent and thin. I do not need much space :D
But i love to hang out with nice people and dance, cook, eat or talk a lot.

I am freegan...or freegetarian. (I just love chees to much)
I try to live with not so much money so I like to dumpster dive, hitch hike and go to give-away shops.

Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate

My interests


Art (Painting, Drawing, Perfomance,...),
Culture (needs further description it´s not just dancing and Party)
and a little bit Philosophie (wanted to read judith butler and didn´t understand enough. Next on the list are the Frankfurt School.)

I like to dance. I want to learn Contact Improvisation.
Im interested in different ways of living and loving.


I am a very very slow reader.


I´m enjoying music that brings me to dance!


I dont look so many Movies. I liked japanese Animations a lot and very artistic movies :D

Organisations I belong to:

Freigeist e.V. Mainz

Travel experiences

Past trips:

I was on an Rainbow Gathering in Belgium

Planned trips:

I want to go to the Rainbow Gathering in Transylvania

Belongs to the following groups


contact improvisation

I love to dance contact.


never ask
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