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I am a retired expat living in a most beautiful, ancient, sacred village, Changunarayan. It is difficult to find anyone who would not suggest it; it's a 'must see' from anyone who's been to Nepal.

Yes, there is an entrance fee of 300 NRs. ($3), which ensures this village will be here for future generations. It is much cleaner than Kathmandu and the weather in summertime is a bit cooler. Cars are not allowed into the village so there isn't a problem with pollution. As I suggest in my E-Book, Nepal:A Tourist's Manual, the Bhaktapur area makes a great first stop for Nepal. After a few days to recover from your travels you will be better equipped to deal with all the eye, nose and ear 'candy' in Kathmandu. If you are jet-lagged you may feel overwhelmed.

Check out my main blog at FrugalTravelsNepal.Blogspot.com where you can find a lot of interesting things to do in Nepal and great insider's tips on getting the most out of your trip.

Changunarayan has things to do that many tourists don't discover on their own. You can take a cultural trek and discover 5 distinctly different villages within a morning or afternoon trek. If you have ever wanted to learn to paint thangkas or wood carving there are lessons with the local craftsmen. The lessons are quite inexpensive and interesting. You will be able to take your own creation home with you.

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Volunteer for Nepal

I have an NGO in a lovely village in Nepal



People who come to Nepal and my little village enjoy the local 'rice beer.' It costs about 15 cents a glass and the local people will love to drink it with you. We often have guests who have a great night drinking our rice beer and visiting with new friends. Nepal has to be the friendliest country on the planet and it's a safe place, too.

If you come to Nepal you have to try the rice beer!



I am in Nepal that is also a somewhat ganja friendly place.

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2 nights

I Live With:

I live alone except for my many guests.

Please bring:

Dr. Seus books to donate. They make learning English much easier. Bring only rechargeable batteries or keep them to take back. There isn't anywhere to put such dangerous things except into the river. So, please take all this stuff home with you.

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

A fun time, good advice on saving money and being safe in Nepal.

I can offer my hosts:

I like to bring a gift from Nepal like a small thanka painting or a shawl.

Other information for guests:

If you like to cook then you will really enjoy staying with me. I have a well stocked kitchen and you can cook and eat with me. I buy all the food, mostly vegetarian but I can get some good, healthy chicken if you like.

Public transport:

There is pubic transportation, bus park at the front of the village. You can get anywhere from there.

House Rules:

If you find that you don't like me personally please leave. This is not a flop house where you can live like you are paying rent.

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