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EscolinhaItacoatiara Alex Seal anytime

About me

Come and visit our small project near to Manaus in a small city called Itacoatira !
I can host peole under very simple conditions (have aircon), if these couchsurfers agree to give lessons to the children from the neighborhood. If you want to join - contact me, you can come here for a week and see how is life in a normal city in the Amazon. Tourist mostly just come to Manaus, here in Itacaotiara its really difficult to see other tourists.

Please also contact me via email:

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Spoken languages

  • Portuguese (br) Mother Tongue
  • English Can only say Welcome!

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couchsurfing:Alex Seel
and escolinha itacoatira

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Little volunteer-project in Amazon, Itacoatiara, near Manaus



Hello! We started a little project in Itacoatiara, 240km from manaus! perhaps someone of you is interested, have a look at our homepage or our CS-profile. If you are interested or have any questions, just contact me. have fun, alex


South America

Little schooling-Project in Amzon - near Manaus


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

the longer you stay, the better

I Live With:

many people are living in the neighborhood, erine, sandrielle, donna maria, poro, emerson, sandriane and many more will take care of you.

I can offer my guests:

you can stay at my place for free, but you should give an english lesson each day. If there is no other volunteer at the Escolinha you will be there totally on your own. but you will find easy children from the neighborhood that are interested in taking lessons!
check our profile on couchsurfing:

I can offer my hosts:

a lot of fun and a visit to the brasilian amazon.

Other information for guests:

Very simple neighborhood! Thats why we are looking for experienced travellers, the place is in a poor neigborhood in Itacoatiara. But all the neighbors will take care of you.

Public transport:

come from Manaus-Rodoviaria by bus, 40 reais/4 hours.
contact me for more details.
Rua 12 de octobro 2703, Bairo Eduardo Bragas 1. Itacoatira,