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(Here it all is almost word for word on this site!)
I am a dancer, choreographer, and an educator.
I feel so very wealthy because I have my health.
I educate my mind and my body.

I have lived or worked in all but 10 states.
I have two degrees in dance and two certifications, but I did not graduate from high school.

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue

My interests


Camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, sightseeing, yoga, ballet, museums, beaches, nature, flora, and fauna.


Unfortunately, academic life has made reading for pleasure obsolete. But I have over 300 books (mostly on dance) in my office and I have several more books on my iPhone.


I am a choreographer. I absorb music!

Organisations I belong to:

National Dance Education Organization, Florida Dance Education Organization, Florida Dance Association, Association of Performing Arts of India, National Association of Schools of Dance, ACLU, HRC, PBC HRC, Compass, Equality Florida

Travel experiences

Past trips:

I have lived or worked in all but 10 states in the USA.
I took 4 months to complete a road trip around the nation one summer.
Danced with more than 50 dance companies or arts institutions. Celebrated my 30th anniversary as a dancer (2010-2011) - and I am still performing.
I had to learn to walk a second time.
I was the opening act for a fundraising concert with the incomparable Pearl Bailey and her husband Louis Bellson.

Planned trips:

Bike Ireland, Scotland, and England.
Bike the west coast highway from San Diego to Vancouver.
Visit Brazil.
Learn a second and third language.

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50+ group

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Camping & outdoor

I LOVE camping!


Clothing optional

No tan lines here.

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

1-3 nights stay (leave on the fourth day at the latest)

I can offer my guests:

I have a sofa (with a hide-a-bed) and some floor space for a guest and can provide blankets, sheets, and towels. Family and friends do visit but not often. So most likely no one will be sharing the floor space or sofa with a guest. I can accommodate 2 folks on the pullout sofa. There is a queen sized air mattress too. I prefer short stays of 1-3 nights.

Other information for guests:

My neighbors are very engaging and social creatures. They gather most evenings at the outdoor table in the common area downstairs to talk, smoke, and drink. They would be down there all night if they could, but half of them are in school and the other half have jobs. I join them only when we are having a community meal because the smoking is just too unhealthy an environment to be around.

Public transport:

There is public transportation in the form of buses, taxis and the Tri-Rail system (trains which connect 3 local airports: Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, and Miami Airports). I am not familiar with the bus system. Because the distance between points of interest are quite vast, taxis will cost $. Tri-Rail is quite useful to get to and from (Miami International, Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International, and West Palm Beach International) airports and several points in between the many municipalities.

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

Be polite. Be respectful. Clean up after yourself.

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