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Hello dear reader!

Welcome to my profile! I hope this can be of inspiration to you, because no matter how hard life is; where there's a will there's a way no matter how long or how much it takes.

That sounds like a potentially heavy line doesn't it?! Well, my life hasn't been easy and while I have the hardest behind me it will keep on getting harder.
Nice that contradiction! (There may be sarcasm in that ;) )

Traveling has changed my life and changed me as a person for the (so incredibly much) better, it is a self-made rite of passage for me. Traveling has taught me that most strangers are kind and has given me trust and respect for myself.

And this is also why I keep on traveling despite -or I should say, because of my limitations! You see, I am invisibly disabled and spend 80 to 90% of the time in bed. For me this is heartbreaking because I am by heart a sports person. Traveling gives me back the trust and respect in myself which is something everyone needs so desperately, and which I need more because I can do so little compared to normal people. It proves to me that I am not my disabilities and that I can do and experience more than I remember when I'm laying in bed.

Traveling gives life meaning, it propels a person forward by making them step out of their comfort zone and step over their boundaries. It is an incredibly powerful rite of passage and has been used since ancient times for the same reasons it is still being used today.

Did I mention that it's fun too? Well you would know that otherwise you wouldn't be on Bewelcome, would you ;). You better not be one of those tourists that thinks sites like this or CouchSurfing are free hostels! If you are: get out, shoo shoo! Go to a hostel, there are nice people there too.

Talking about hostels, they remind me of seemingly endless staircases @_@. Oooh they are a nightmare! I am not going to list my illnesses here but a few of them make walking stairs really hard for me. I can -and will- take them, but you can bet that at the end of the day I'll have to crawl up them. Shit happens, it just happens more often to me. I still prefer traveling from staying in bed and it seems staircases come with the territory. So be it, blegh. But do tell me if I'm going to surf with you if you have stairs and how many, then I can decide if my body can take them or not.

So, I actually don't need much extra accommodation.
• An (air) mattress that is at least 15cm/ 6inch would be nice, as well as (a lot of) extra blankets. This keeps my body from getting cold, stiff and sore.
• I am wheat/gluten free, so no pasta, bread, noodles or anything with flour. Eating a slice of bread makes me sick for days. (Technically I can eat gluten but not wheat, this is why I can drink beer.)

WHAT I REALLY NEED most is not stuff, it is RESPECT. I would like to ask for understanding but I understand that for most people it's impossible to imagine how it is to be (invisibly) disabled. Just respect that I can't be active half of the day even if I try and that I cannot "just push yourself". I try to be as active as possible but some days are better and some worse, I can't predict this.

If you are interested I can show you how it is to be invisibly disabled, I think explaining but especially showing people is really important to get more respect for anything. And if you have questions, you can ask anything too. (Even of you think it is or can be embarrassing.) Better to ask than to wonder!

Anyhow, you are getting to the end of my profile. I am going to stop typing about myself now, even though there are (of course!) many more parts to me than being sick. (I am a great artist and like (to build or make) practical stuff. I mentioned I am a sports person by heart and I am still looking for a sport that I might be able to do.) Because I like talking about it more in person!
So, see you.

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • Dutch Mother Tongue
  • German Beginner

My interests


I love Jugger, breathing fire, drawing, scuba diving, sailing, horseback riding, reading, skating, gaming, walking, hiking, listening to music or making it (though I can't really play any, but I'd like to learn), travelling, hitch-hiking. I am into paranormal and occult things, energy manipulation, healing, being empathetic, "seeing" ghosts and energy and auras and stuff and being free to go wherever I want.

So, I can just say that I like EVERYTHING, as long as I can participate (otherwise it'll only make me jealous ;) )


Earth's Children, The Banned and the Banished series(!), Inheritance series (Eragon), Pit Dragon series, The Vampire Diaries, Sookie Stackhouse books (True Blood), Twilight saga, The Hunger Games, Green rider, Mistborn trilogy and many more.


Basically different sub-genres of rock, metal, dance, some dubstep and pop, nightcore and epic music.... though it really depends on my mood.


Avatar, Dragonheart, Lord of the Rings, Constantine, Ironman, X-men series, Transformers, Push, Jumper, The Land Before Time (the first movie, the animated drawings are awesome). I really enjoy watching anime, anime is brilliant and underestimated.

Organisations I belong to:

Volunteers of the Redheaddays.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Hitchhiked to Paris with a good friend for a midweekend.
Been to Berlin for a month and had the time of my life there, including sleeping in random squads and making friends, some of which I still have today.
Been to Curacao for a month and lived like a local there.
Redheaddays in various years.
Jugger tournaments and various small trips.

Planned trips:

My boyfriend is free from about the 6th to the 20th of July and we planned to travel through Belgium and Luxembourg and perhaps Germany, attend a few summer camps if I can find them and probably go to England too. I'd licentious go by hitchhiking and ridesharing as much as possible, so if you go somewhere please let us know.

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Max number of guests:
I Live With:

My mom.

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

And a warm welcome to the country and a tour of Utrecht of you like. Unfortunately not a couch because I live with my mother and it's already too cramped as it is. When I've arranged my own place I've got room enough again.

I can offer my hosts:

I do my best to be a pretty sober, tough, no-nonsense and cheerful person and I think I'm succeeding fairly well :). By no means does it make me grumpy or quet though, I'm just trying to be my best.

I love information, and I love giving information in any way they need to help the people around me. I've learned that to improve the world you have to start with yourself and I'm sticking to that by helping the people around me and learning from them to help myself grow.
I can offer you good advice and tips on pretty much anything, I've actually never found myself without a word of advice and that says a lot considering all the things I've gotten in contact with.
But I only offer this if you want it, I don't force myself and my opinion on people just because I want to help.

Besides advice I can offer you enjoyable stories, a belly that can't handle grains, bread pasta or beer, an evening/ night person (I'm either quiet or making grumbling noises in the morning) and a good drinker without hangovers :). I'm considerate of people but don't let myself be walked over.

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