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About me


I'm Constantin. I live and travel around Europe with my partner Carla. I love politics, languages and culture so anything about that gets me quite excited.

If you need help, a place to stay, someone to talk to, help in Berlin, Ploiesti, in Romania, drop me a line.


I am quite open to requests and people in general but I do want something from you.
When sending me a request, please tell me something about yourself, about your trip and what you are planning to do in Berlin.
I know this is tiring sometimes but this is how hospitality works and it helps a lot.
Also, do not send me a request months ahead. I cannot know my plans so far ahead. The maximum is three weeks before.

Thank you for reading my profile and maybe I'll see you around.

Spoken languages

  • Romanian Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • French Fluent
  • Spanish Fluent
  • German Intermediate
  • Italian Beginner
  • Catalan Beginner

My interests


As it is easier I will just list stuff:
- Photography (for about 6 years, whenever I have time)
- Current Affairs, Philosophy (lengthy talks are awesome and I practice this with Carla all the time)
- Cinema (quite a recent passion, more below)
- Travelling! (my life is split between travelling and preparing for travelling)
- Collecting Postcards and Postcrossing
- Cooking (there is something magical about it)
- Languages (the wishlist for langauges I want to learn is endless)


Particular books will take me ages, I'll just put some authors I read recently:

For some reason my mind went blank. I love reading.


Indie, Folk, Jazz, Rock

Love: Alt-J, The Kooks, Oasis...


Again, I watch so many movies so it is hard to say

J-L Godard
Francois Ozon

Travel experiences

Past trips:

I did a month long inter rail around Europe. Travelled in most of the Balkan area. Got to know quite well the South of France, the Aragon and Granada regions of Spain, my home country Romania, parts of the UK

Planned trips:

Latin America, as soon as I have the money

Belongs to the following groups


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Around 3 days, because I am quite busy 90% of the time and if you stay more than 3 days, I won't have time to really interact and hang out. Also this magic number comes from previous hosting experience.

I Live With:

I live with my partner, Carla. We've been together for a long time and you'll see she is quite a cool person.

Please bring:

Bringing yourself is already awesome. Still, if you are in the mood to bring something we collect many things, but we appreciate postcards, coasters or badges from your country. Also, we love foreign film, so a list of awesome movies would be great. Most importantly, BOOKS, if they are from your country in English, French or Spanish I will be in haven.

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

Obviously, I'm offering my extendable couch for 2 people. Moreover, I will try to help you with everything I can, information etc. One of my house rules is that guests can borrow everything and eat everything.
I love cooking so probably something new for my guests and loads of time to hang around, have a beer, walk around Berlin.
I can also help you with your languages.

I can offer my hosts:

One thing that I love to do for my hosts is cook something they did not have before. Also, giving them a hand with whatever I can, i.e. doing the dishes or repairing a broken computer.
Moreover, I love exchanging experiences, music, books or films with my hosts.

Public transport:

The flat is in Charlottenburg, close to the palace. It's easily reachable by S-Bahn (light rail), Ubahn (Metro), Bus and by water.

House Rules:

Maintain socially acceptable levels of hygiene, as we have a shower.
Do not be shy, ask about anything.
Do not download anything from our wifi, because of strict German anti-piracy laws that make me pay hundreds of euros if somebody downloads anything.
Smoking is a tricky issue. We don't smoke ourselves but it is allowed with the windows open, but not excessively.

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