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If you are coming to Thailand, there is a lot of information on our profile here to help you. Please to read.... and please be respectful of the King and Thai laws. (no drugs!) If in doubt, ask, we can help.


Aye is from an area in Thailand called "Issan". She grew up near the city of Buriram with her loving family. Aye graduated from University with a BS in industry. Work being limited in her home province, she moved with her sister to Chonburi. Her English improved working as bowling alley cashier in Pattaya.

After a Thai boyfriend broke her heart, she met Karl. And as they say...the rest is history.


Karl was previously married to lady from China. Although they met in USA, she opened his eyes to the other side of the planet. For that he is grateful to her. In the end unfortunately they divorced. She got her rich new husband, but he got Thailand... and a new love! He wins.

We are both more night people than daytime. Being Pattaya we tend to sleep late, mostly because we keep it up late.

Spoken languages

  • Thai Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent

My interests


Being happily retired Karl has time to chat and share information about adopted homeland. In Thailand most everyone use the "chat" application LINE or sometimes Whatsapp. If you want to chat, his ID is KuhnKarl.

Organisations I belong to:

You can also read about folks who have stayed with us at:

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Bahamas, Cambodia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines

Planned trips:

" Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya! "


wheelchairyes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

We are not hosting to just be cheap accommodations, but to share what life as an "expat mixed couple" can be like. If you are just looking for a free bed or stop over, or to visit more than a few days, please move on.

Understand, "We are welcoming you into our home and our life for a few days." We don't host everyone who ask, as we want all of us to have a fun and enriching experience. Age is not a barrier, culture is not a barrier... lack of respect is.

If you want to know what life is like as a foreigner living in the "Land of Smiles".... Karl will show you. And if you want to know what life is like crossing cultures and generations... Aye will answer your questions.

The one thing we both agree on, it isn't always easy to love, but it is always rewarding.

I Live With:

This is more about where we live... PATTAYA

Pattaya is a unique place and best you understand what is here. People with puritan viewpoints probably won't enjoy here... be forewarned, sex is part of the culture.

Pattaya is a tourist destination with prices for everything adjusted upwards. Surfing and back packing can be cheap fun, but if you expect to find many low cost activities in Pattaya you will not. (Except maybe the beach) If you a living on a shoestring budget, this may not be the best place to visit.

Also, transportation is always an issue so it good idea to know what you want to do ... before you come here. It takes much longer to get from place to place than you think. Especially on weekends and holidays due to traffic.


We not want to sound negative, as we love it here. We just want you to be a savvy traveler and if you come here to have a great time.

......A little fun video about the town:


......A good tourist type map can be found here:


Please bring:

We ask you to bring a smile and a desire to have a cultural exchange. To that end we first ask you to send us message. In your message include:

1) what dates you want to visit and are they flexible

2) are you coming to Pattaya by bus, train, private car, etc,; and from where

3) your name please and anyone traveling with you

4) do you have an idea of what you might like to do here

5) and importantly, why do you want to stay with us

We ask these questions so we can properly help you get here, and help you enjoy your time in Pattaya. If you have no idea why you are coming here, explain.

Understand, we are not judgmental about what you want to do in Pattaya.... just want to give you realistic expectations, answers and suggestions. We limit hosting to three nights maximum (unless special circumstances) and preferably during the week. And please, please, please have a smart phone with Internet so we can text and send locations.

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

Private bedroom(s) with king size bed for couple or single size for loan traveler.

If you are alone, we prefer you not bring back overnight guest. Plenty of places for fun in town. (Single guys looking for Thai lady please read below)

I can offer my hosts:

BIG SMILES! and a couple travelers who host and share life stories with others. (and clean up after themselves!)

Other information for guests:

Please get a Thai SIM and Internet for your cell phone. Both of us have a busy life so if we are going to host and help you.... be courteous enough to be reachable by text message. Not just for us, but also for any friends you make along the way.

We strongly suggest text apps like LINE or WHATSAPP. Not everyone can understand accents on cell phones, text is better.

For Cell service, might we suggest one of these:



Note: Thai SIM cards may not work on phones from Japan, South Korea and some US networks where the phones are locked to the original SIM card. Basic smart phones are pretty cheap here.


Might we also suggest programing you phone with a few emergency numbers. The primary number for English help is the Tourist Police. Dial 1155 nationwide.

For hospital in Pattaya (English spoken), and EMS ambulance (cardiac), Karl suggests Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. It is on Sukumvit Road near motorway. Dial 1719 Or dial 038 429 001


If you are not aware, hospitals in Thailand pretty much treat patients on a pay as you go basis. If you need medical help, even if you have international insurance, be sure to have credit card or cash.

There are many other hospitals in Pattaya and many low end rescue pick up trucks. If you are hurt, you may end up at any of them. But our "opinion" is to ask to go to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.



For some ideas of things to do in this part of Thailand, and how else to get around, please see these web pages:




Give us some idea of your interest, we will do best to guide you. Just remember it takes time to get between places, either because of distance or traffic. Keep reasonable expectations about prices, traveling and sightseeing and you will be much happier.

Getting around the region, see:



Ko Lan is 45 minutes by ferry from Pattaya. The 2 km. x 5 km. land area offers several white, sandy beaches such as Hat Ta Waen to the north. This is where most of the tour boats make anchor. Visitors can choose glass-bottom boats and surface-diving.

Getting there: A ferry leave South Pattaya pier daily from 10 a.m. until 6.30 p.m. On return, the ferry leaves Ko Lan's Na Ban Beach at 12 noon and 2 p.m. speed boats are also available at South Pattaya beach.

A couple other items for first time travelers to Thailand. The sun can be brutal at times of the year and dengue fever is a real issue. Wear protective clothing, sunblock and repellant.



Public transport:


Our home is our "castle." It is about 7 KM from the main tourist and commerce area of this beachside town. We live in a quiet residential area away from the noise of the city. But not to far from the nightlife for those that wish to indulge. We just ask you return by midnight or make other sleeping arrangements.


So you need to provide transport by taxi cab, motorcycle taxi or previous arrangement with us. Motorcycle taxi stand about 1.5km from house.

If we are available, happy to take you around but there will be an expectation that you kick in for cost of fuel.



Thailand has good bus connections between cities. Pattaya is about 1.5 hour from Suvarnabhumi airport, 2-3 hours from Bangkok. Both large air con bus and mini vans available. Or you can rent private service or taxi. We do not suggest using the mini vans due to many accidents by poor drivers. But up to you...

In Pattaya there are open air mini bus traveling the main roads. Locals call them "baht bus" because most rides are 10 Baht. You can also get meter taxi to areas that are not on main roads.

Big bus schedules and locations:

Bangkok - Pattaya North Road Terminal (Pattaya Nua) http://www.pattayabus.com/en/routes-schedules/bangkok-to-pattaya/

We suggest when coming from Bangkok to make your way to the Ekamai Bus Station (next to BTS Ekamai stop). Air conditioned buses run regularly all day from around 140 Baht. It is about a 2 hour ride (traffic depending)

Pattaya (Thappraya road) to Suvarnabhumi Airport http://www.airportpattayabus.com/pattaya-suvarnabhumi-airport-bus-schedule-timetable

Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya (Thappraya road) http://www.airportpattayabus.com/suvarnabhumi-airport-pattaya-bus-schedule-timetable

For guest coming to Pattaya it is important to be sure where you are getting off the bus. Bus will make stop along the way at roadside. You want to go to last stop, the bus terminal. At terminal you can wait nice and dry, important in the rainy season!

If we have agreed to pick you up, it usually takes 20-30 minutes for us to reach you. This depends on which terminal and time of day (traffic). Please have smart phone (GPS) and app so you can share coordinates of where you are at. (sometimes people end up in the middle of no where)

Note: Do not have direct bus information on Don Muang Bangkok airport.. sorry. Please be sure which airport you are traveling through if you are flying into Thailand. You can find transfer bus between airports information at this link:


One more thing about Thailand big buses. During busy holiday times they sell out fast. You might want to consider on line booking if you are sure you can get to departure well before time to board. https://12go.asia/en/travel/bangkok?z=1178


Thailand has a railway system that from reports is sometimes good, and sometimes very hot and miserable. You can find out destinations, schedules and prices on website. (some parts in English) The Pattaya train station is NOT in easy walking distance of anything comfortable. Station staff can call taxi.


House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

Rules are simple.. communicate with us in a timely manner before you arrive so we can plan. Leave when you plan.

If you are out for the evening, please return by 1am or let us know you are not coming back. (we do not give out keys or get up after our bedtime)

Use taxi or make plans with us if we are available (and please reimburse us for fuel)

Join us for at least one meal together so we can get to know each other... maybe home cooked if Aye in mood. ha ha ha

Please no smoking, inside or outside at house... Sorry

Kitchen is available for use by guests. BBQ grill outside for those that enjoy grilling. You are welcome to help yourselves, but please replace what you use before you leave.

And MOST IMPORTANT, be careful and not let the cat outside. He is an escape artist if you let him. Don't worry, cat is friendly and clean. Just word of caution, if you are allergic, probably better to look elsewhere to stay.