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I left everything I had and was. Sold my expensive guitar, and on the spot went out on my dream trip. I had to take this decision in just one day before the trip since I found about a great deal of a ticket suddenly in the middle of my boring existence back home. Therefor I could only take my camera backpack with me and few other things. After a long story, I flipped a coin and I went to Istanbul to see how far could I get, dropping my return ticket back home. I was craving for new inspiration in my life.

So I came by land, hitch hiking, from Turkey, across Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and China (at the moment), perhaps moving to Mongolia next.

You would not believe how naive I am, how easily I get lost, and mainly how unprepared I am for such a long journey. The funny thing is that everything is alright. Ironically, "All I need is all I have". Ironically because for many years I thought that traveling would be much more difficult.

I have enjoyed many wonderful stories and encounters by it. The Earth has become a familiar place and things, somehow, look a little bit more beautiful. I am just a dreamer. The world has become friendlier.

A text called "Wandering" by Herman Hesse is something that I can relate to my life a lot.

Spoken languages

  • Spanish Sign Language Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Turkish Beginner

My interests


To observe and learn from different cultures and colors of the world. I love art and life in general.


Art in every form and history tales.


Absolutely everything. I am in love of any kind of sound (conversations, people talking at the same time, the road, nature, water... )


Bahman Gobadi and similar

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Also I have videos here: www.youtube.com/elcoca009

Travel experiences

Past trips:

About 60 countries around Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Caribbean...

Planned trips:

Going next from Brazil to Bolivia


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Currently I am traveling so I can not host...

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