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Conference on nomadism in Berlin

posted 2009/11/11 19:51    Visibility: World
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We are setting up a conference in Berlin about nomadic culture and how to create a better foundation to host/ share places/spaces/bases together with nomads/ long-term travelers. The basic idea is to connect more places together that can function as homebases.

In other words, to help enabling a network of nomads, long term travelers, skillsurfers, etc, with places, spaces and bases (houses, squats, land, communities, eco-villages, farms) that are open for shared living.

It takes place in the last 10 days of November, with a special focus on the last weekend. We are using multiple platforms for communication, etc. 

We are looking for interested people to share their ideas and experiences and to brainstorm together to build up a more profound network.

Best place to start is here:

We also have an e-maillist but for specific questions you can also contact me directly  - or in this thread obviously.

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