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To have a nice memory of your trip, keep your belongings safe from thieves. Be cautious in the centre of Athens, especially in public transport and the cafes/restaurants terrace.

  • Luggage : if you cannot leave it at your host's place yet, keep it in a locker at the central metro stations.
  • Hand bag or backpack : have it ON you all the time, not on the chair next to you.
  • Passport : keep it at your host's place. Stolen passports are resold to people without papers.
  • Wallet : keep it at your host's place. Take in your pocket a few cash and one (1) of your credit cards.
  • Smartphone, camera : when you don't use them, keep it in your pocket or bag. Not in front of you on the table of the cafe. If you receive security codes (from banks etc) to your phone, lock it with a password (this should be done even at home).
  • Bicycle : always lock it on something, with a good chain, in a place where you can still have an eye on it.


PUBLIC MUSEUMS & MONUMENTS check for free dates here


PLACES TO EAT with 1 euro

  • Autonomo Steki (Zoodohou Pigis 67 & Isavron) Tuesday and Wednesday 17:00 (donation box)
  • Anoixti Syneleysi Ag. Paraskevis (Dimokratias 2 & Ag. Triados, Ag. Paraskevi) Thursday 20:00 (donation box)
  • Steki metanaston (Tsamadou 13-15, Exarhia) Saturday and Sunday 15:00 (donation box)
  • tyropita is less than 1ε in bakeries of low-class neighborhoods.
  • There is a man in the pedestrian area (Tsamadou 15, Exarcheia) who makes falafel wrap for 1�, he is only there during the night.
  • Nosotros (Themistokleous 68, Exarhia) 12:00-18:00 except Sundays
  • ASOEE university (28is Oktovriou 76) 08:00-09:00, 12:00-16:00, 19:00-21:00. Free food for students and everyone else pays 2ε per day. So if you go for breakfast, you will not have to pay for lunch and dinner. If you smile at the cashier (grey hair, 50something) you might get lucky and keep your 2ε for beers. Breakfast is mostly coffee/bread with marmalade. Lunch and dinner are first plate, main dish (choose between more than 10 different plates), fruits, sweet, salad, juice, bread.
  • Kavouras (Themistokleous 68, Exarhia) Pita vegeterian @1ε
  • Persepolis (Aharnon 56, Victoria) Pita w/ falafel @1ε
  • Fiaz al Mohammad (Satovriandou 27, Omonia) Pita vegeterian @1ε






AIRPORT: Flying in: there is metro from 6:30 till 23:00, suburban from 5:26 to 21:44, and buses 24h. Flying out: there is metro from 6:18 till 23:44, suburban from 6:35 to 23:01, and buses 24h.


  • 90 minutes Ticket : 1,4ε
  • 24-hour Ticket : 4,5ε
  • 5-day Ticket : 9ε
  • 3-day Tourist Ticket : 22ε (includes Airport Connections)
  • Airport Express Bus Lines Ticket : 6ε
  • Airport Metro And Suburban Railway Ticket : 10ε (1 travel), 18ε (2 travels), 24ε (3 travels).


  • Students pay half price on the single tickets of 90' and to the airport.
  • You can put a bicycle in the last wagons of the metros and trams, without extra fee.
  • The company suggest NOT to pay fines immediately, because of fake controllers. You can show them your passport, and pay the fine later. If you don't pay the fine, it will be redirected to your Greek AΦM IF YOU HAVE ONE.


  • Tap water comes from Marathon lake. It contains chloride. Most people drink it, other use water filter.
  • Bottled water costs 0,50ε/500ml or 1ε/1,5L, that goes to the petrol industry (bottles, transport), as the companies get the water for free from the sources.



  • Athens Indymedia News (in greek), but you can find events in the Ημερολόγιο section.
  • ERT open News in English, Francais, Deutsch, Espanol, Shqip, Rom�nă, Polski, Pусский


  • ET3 with english subtitles.


  • 105.5 Atlantis (rock, metal)
  • 93.8 radiozones anatreptrikis ekfrasis (alternative music, from ska to dubstep and all styles in between)
  • 96.0 Flash (news, jazz, classic)
  • 102.5 Nitro (lounge, disco, electro)
  • 106.7 ERTopen (Free voice for the society) news in greek and other languages, greek music, world music, etc
  • 92.6 Best (electro)