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London is the capital of England and UK , with a total population of about 8 millions (city + suburbs). For more general information about London, you can check out the page of Wikipedia about London.


History of London

Put here a little chapter of the history of the city, but not so long, the entire history has to be developped on the wikipedia page of the city.

What to visit ?

Put here the most interesting parts of the city to visit, but not a complete list, the entire list of place to visit in the city has to be developped on the wikitravel page of the city.

More informations about the places to visit in London on the wikivoyage page of the city !

Getting hospitality in London

Going Out

Regular BeWelcome London Meeting

Are you passionated by travels, you are creative, welcoming, open minded and wish to exchange with dynamic people ?

The meeting usually happens until late, or is followed by some other ones there or in another place.

Please, check the London Forum to know where the meeting will happen this week ;)

Things to do


Every Sunday there is a street food market at the crossing between Brick Lane and Hanbury St with amazing food from all over the world. It's about �5-8 (I can recommend the Turkish-Indian food there). If you go there not on a Sunday I can recommend the pulled pork from Caboose (before 3pm there is a meal deal). But I have not tried a lot there though ;) .

Nightlife in London



Public Transportation

London has several methods of public transportation:

You can find a map of the public transportation network here ( TFL ).

Ask for an oyster card when you arrive. The cheapest price of transport will be automatically applied using it.


London Airport



Main spots here

In Case of Emergency

  • If calling from a cell/mobile telephone, dial "112" for any emergency sit

Long-term accommodation

For long-term accomodation in London please read this thread.

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