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Welcome to beautiful Crimea !
The pininsula Crimea is located on the north coast of the Black Sea and has been well know as a recreation- and holiday-area since the 19th century, when "tourism" began to develop. Best time to travel Crimea is from May to September. The hottest months with millions of people coming to visit Crimea is of cause July and August. In some parts of Crimea you´ll find even a subtropic climat.
Moreover, Crimea has a long history, starting approx. 700 B.C., when the first greek colonies where found. Nomadic tribes as the "Scyths" and "Tavrs" lived even longer before in Crimea and its surrounding. Approx. from 100 B.C. to 100 A.C. the roman empire had its colonies in Crimea. Then the Gots and Hunns came along...
In medeaval ages, Crimea was first under the influence of the tribe "Chasars", then belongs to the Byzantine empire, then italian colonies (Venezia, Genuese) where found. At the end of 15th century the Osman empire (turks) took over power, until the russian czar Catherine II. conquered Crimea for the Russian empire in the 18th century.
However, all these different nations and inhabitants have left their cultural and archeologic traces in Crimea, which you can discover now...
Breathetaking nature and landscapes, several nature-reserve-parks and last not least the endless beaches on the shore of the Black Sea invite you to relax. Join up with the 7 million tourists, that come every year to beautiful Crimea :))

For citizens of the European Community (EC), Switzerland, USA and many other countries its so easy to travel Crimea:
- NO official invitation is needed !
- NO visa is required for a stay up to 90 days !
- NO vaccine is needed !
- NO registration-process is needed, when you are here !

Just take your passport and come to Ukraine
- by plane: Simferopol International Aiport (SIP) or Sevastopol Airport Balbeck (UAS)
- by train: e.g. with the night-train from Kiev or Odessa
- by car: e.g. via Krakov-Lvov-Odessa-Kherson-Crimea
- or rent a car at the airport (AVIS, Hertz, SIXT, etc.)

Welcome to beautiful Crimea !

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