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Venice Hospex Community

A couch in Venice? There are not many active Hosts and those who are active have a huge load of requests. So, you'd better also ask to members in other cities in the region, and not exclusively to those in Venice. The nearby cities are at close distance from Venice (30 minutes to 1 hour of train). Good options can be Treviso, Padova, Vicenza,Rovigo the small towns nearby these cities. Closest cities withB and average travel time by train (from Venice Santa Lucia):


Please consider the following advices to increase your chances:

  • > It is better to ask for hospitality directly to the people rather than leaving an open message in the group. In this way you'll have the chance to know better who your potential host is (we are sure it is your concern to know where you'll end up sleeping!). Also, you won't give the idea of being just someone looking for a free place to stay.
  • >Once you selected some people, be clear in your request; specify when you are arriving and when you are leaving.
  • > Be sure you thoroughly read your potential host';s profile. Do not ask for things that are already included in it!
  • > Have your own profile properly filled, including some picture. Let your perspective host be able to understand what kind of person you are.
  • > Explain your plans. Are you coming for a cultural visit or to enjoy the nightlife? Do you intend to sleep late or wake up early? ... These types of information will help the host decide whether he/she will take you in or not.
  • >Write your request with the right advance. Some people write requests several months before they arrive (it can be too much) or just a couple of days before (too short notice). A 2 weeks notice would be ideal
  • > If you want to surf together with your partner or friends, specify if they are registered at BeWelcome as well, and eventually add a link to their profiles on other Hospex Network

Getting to Venice

By plane'

Venice has a main airport, Venice Tessera Marco Polo Airport (IATA code: VCE; ICAO code: LIPZ) and another airport is located in Treviso, Treviso Sant'Angelo Canova Airport (IATA code: TSF; ICAO code: LIPH), at 40km from the Venice. VCE is mainly used by normal airlines, but as well as by some low cost airlines like EasyJet, Volotea,Air Berlin while TSF is could be defined as the Ryanair Airport of Venice but also works with Tarom and WizzAir

From VCE to the city center

The airport has no rail connection to the two main stations of Venice (Santa Lucia and Mestre), but there is a bus and water-taxi service. There are bus lines departing from the airport to Piazzale Roma (close to Venezia Santa Lucia and to the center):

--> line ACTV n5 (4am-1am MON-SAT every 15m/Sunday every 20m - regular ACTV bus ticket 6.50 (when bought in advance in kiosk or from a ticket vending machin -->line ATVO Venezia Air Terminal (8am-12pm) - 20 minutes - 7 one way or 13 return and others to Venezia Mestre Trainstation:

--> line ACTV n15 (6am-9pm) - regular ACTV bus ticket 6.50� (when bought in advance in kiosk or from a ticket vending machine)

From TSF to Venice city center Info about the airport public transport can be found here.

-->By direct busJust outside the airport building catch ATVO bus in coincidence with Ryanair or Transavia. They reach Venezia Mestre and Venezia Piazzale Roma in 1h 10m. The ticket is 10� one way or 18 return.

-->By bus+train When outside the airport building, turn on your right till you'll find, after 100mt, the city bus stop along the national road. From there catch line ACTT 6 to Treviso train station. The bus runs every 30 minutes and it takes 15 minutes. The ticket costs 1.50�;. Once at the terminus, cross the road to reach the station. From the train station catch a train to Venezia (it takes 30 minutes to Santa Lucia and the ticket is 3.30�; (Fsitaliane)You can catch all the trains going to Venice - better cheaper Regional ones.

By Train The national train company is called Trenitalia. There are cheaper local train called Regionale or Regionale Veloce. The main lines are : Verona-Vicenza-Padova-Venezia; Udine-Conegliano-Treviso-Venezia; Trieste-Portogruaro-San Don�-Venezia Also there are fast train called le frecce.The Lines are: Torino-Milano-Padova-Venezia; Napoli-Roma-Firenze-Bologna-Padova-Venezia.

By Carpooling One of the most convenient ways to arrive in Venice is by Carpooling: you can split the costs and make the journey cheap. Check

By HitchHiking In Italy is very difficult but maybe you are lucky :D

Public transport

Venice is a very particular city, being built on the water, you cannot go around with car or buses but only by foot or water bus. It can be reached from the mainland by:

  • train, arriving in the Santa Lucia train station, with many connections from all over Italy and Europe or from the nearby mainland Mestre;
  • bus, arriving in Piazzale Roma, the only point of Venice that you can reach with a bus or a car;
  • car, arriving in Piazzale Roma and using the expensive parking places.

Venice city public transportation is handled by ACTV for buses and water buses. Check their page or HelloVenezia for timetables and routes. (1.50� bus/tram ticket; 7� boat ticket, various solution for 12hs/24hs/36hours ticket. Buses runs in the suburbs of Mestre, Marghera Lido and they reach Venice city center from nearby Mestre.The public buses are cheap, run 24 hours a day, and can often make it into Venice in 10 or 15 minutes. Also trains, handled by Fsitaliane are a convenient option, especially if coming from other cities. Many trains are running between Mestre and Venezia during 5am-12pm, with a travel time of around 13 minutes. Fare: 1.50 �

Venice Rolling Card The Rolling VENICEcard is designed for people aged between 14 and 29. The membership card costs �� 4 and entitles the member to some discounts. For example, the 72-hour ticket good on all the Venice, Mestre and Lido water and road transportation lines can be purchased at �� 18,00 instead of �� 33,00. Vaporetto dell��Arte ( Art ride in Canal Grande) Live the experience of an exclusive tour into the heart of Venice along its main waterway.

Walking around The tickets for water buses are fairly expensive, so usually it's okay to walk. Make sure you get a good map-- there should be plenty available from vendors at the P.le Roma-- it's easy enough to get lost with the map, it's pretty much guaranteed if you don't have one. If you do get lost just keep on walking until you find a sign pointing to a major location (Rialto, San Marco, Ferrovia, P.le Roma etc.) or ask a local. Venice is not a big city-- it takes about half hour of brisk walk to reach San Marco from P.le Roma through Strada Nuova, pretty much the only street that is longer than 500m. Add 10 to 20 min to that time if you choose to brave the labyrinth of little streetlets, squares (campi), walkways and bridges. Some passages are narrow enough to barely allow two people to pass but, even though it's feels daunting at first, the place is very safe.

Carrying around luggages'''

If you plan to carry around your bag, consider that it can be hard to cross bridges with big and heavy bags, so the easiest thing is to leave your luggage at the train station in the baggage deposit. They don't charge much ( The deposit is a bit hidden in the train station but look for it behind binario (track) 1. As you get off your train it is to the right of the exit into the ticket hall. It's open from 7.00 till 22.00. Address: Baggage Depot - Binario/Platform 1 - Stazione F.S. Venezia Santa Lucia - Fondamenta S. Lucia - 30121 Venezia 1

Internet Access

McDonald's fast foods have free wi-fi coverage around their locations, even without ordering anything to eat/drink. They are very popular among tourists. There are two of them in Venice old town: one is located in Strada Nuova (Cannaregio 3885/3922/3923), while the other is near San Marco (San Marco, 656 - Calle Larga S. Marco)

Venice City Council has launched a wi-fi connection service around the city called Digital Citizenship. Locals have the service free of charge (so you might ask your host about it), while for now visitors can purchase daily or weekly passes for. Other solution is to buy a italian sim card and then you can connect to "venice connected".

Eat & Drink

You can eat cheap pizza slices in a 'pizzeria per asporto' in Campo Santa Margherita for 1,80�. There is another pizzeria in a nearby Calle that has pizza slices for 1,80�;. A "Spizzico" fast-food-like pizzeria can be found also in Campo San Luca (San Marco 4475) If you are looking for a more elaborate meal, here you are selection of restaurants& osterias suggested:


-->OSTERIA LA ZUCCA - Santa Croce, 1762 - 30135 Venezia - Phone: +39 041 5241570 : small osteria near Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio, alternative and vegetarian food (but not exclusively vegetarian), booking recommended.

-->Antica Osteria Ruga Rialto - San Polo, 692 - 30125 Venezia - Phone: +39 041 2419946

--> El Timon - Fondamenta degli Ormesini, Cannaregio - 30121 Venezia

-->Trattoria da Marisa, Fondamenta San Giobbe, Cannareggio 652, 30121 Venezia

--> Ai 40 Ladroni - Fondamenta de la Sensa, Cannaregio 3253, Venezia - Phone: +39 041 715736

-->Alla Basilica - Calle dei Albanesi, 4255, Venezia (near the bridge of Sighs), lunch only - 13��

--> Hosteria alla Poppa, Santa Croce 1539, 30135 Venezia

-->Al muro, Sestiere San Polo, 222, 30125 Venezia


-->Pizzeria Al Cavallino, Via San don� 39, 30174 Venezia Mestre

-->Hostaria Vite Rossa, Via Bembo 34, 30172 Venezia Mestre

--> Bar da Galliano, via Piave 29, 30171 Venezia Mestre

-->Conestoga Culture Bar, Via Bacchiglione 30173, Venezia Mestre

-->Al Gatto Rosso, Forte Marghera, via Forte Marghera, Venezia Mestre

Typical dishes

-->Spaghetti al nero di seppia (spaghetti with cuttlefish black ink sauce)

--> Spaghetti ai frutti di mare (spaghetti with seafood)

--> Risotto al radicchio rosso (rice with red salad)

--> Baccal� mantecato o alla cappuccina (stockfish)

--> Fegato alla veneziana (liver � la venetian)

--> Polenta (corn meal)

--> Cicchetti ( typical snack)


Venice has 122 public fountains where you can take water from. Just get an empty bottle or a flask. You may find around the city a stand of 100% pubblica with bottles to fill and a map of the city fountains. BeWelcome and Hospex community of Veneto encourages you to drink public water instead of buying bottles of expensive, not environmentaly-friendly mineral water. Italian public water is among the most checked and of the best quality.

Alternative Accommodation

Being Venice a difficult city for finding a couch, you can consider also the alternative accommodation options. You can find a good list of hostels, B&B and hotels on Wikitravel or through AirBnb.

Here are some cheap suggested hostels;

--> Ostello Santa Fosca, Cannaregio 2372 - +39 041 715775 (Venice Historical Center)

--> Ostello Giudecca, Fondamenta Zitelle 86 - +39 041 5238211 - ( remember that: the hostel is on Giudecca Island. You need to catch the boat)

--> Colombo Backpacker, via Paolucci 5

Here are some campings: -->Camping San Nicol�, Lido di Venezia -->Camping Fusina, Fusina near Marghera -->Camping Rialto, via Orlanda 16, Campalto -->�� List and map with location of the hostels

But be careful, because many hostels/budget hostels might be located in Mestre, Marghera, Lido or somewhere else: this means you have to catch a bus to Mestre or Marghera (even though they run all day and night long and it takes 10 minutes from Piazzale Roma) or a water bus to Lido. Also for the above mentioned Giudecca hostel you need to catch a water bus, because it's located on Giudecca island. So always check the description of the accommodation, the location is usually mentioned.

Medical First-aid

In case of need you can always go to the first-aid at the hospital. The hospital is in Campo S. Giovanni e Paolo (Castello 6777, Venezia) - tel: 041 5294111 There is also a service for the night (8pm to 8am) and for public holidays:

Venice: 041 5294060; Lido Malmocco Alberoni: 041 5267743;
Pellestrina: 041 967549;
Burano: 041 730005;
Murano S. Erasmo: 041 5274078;
Cavallino Treporti Ca Savio: 041 5300214;
Mestre Sud - Marghera- Mestre Nord: 041 951332;
Marcon Quarto dAltino: 0422 824146.